Join the Order of Manasa in Upcoming Series Doom Town

The new horror series “Doom Town” contains no vampires or zombies, but hell, a snake goddess is good enough for us. Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign if you also want to worship Manasa.

From the Press Release:
A new horror series. No vampires, no zombies – just heavy metal, demonic possession, and a snake goddess cult.

The Order of Manasa worshiped a Hindu snake goddess, searching the world for suitable vessels to manifest her on the physical plane. Ten years ago they disbanded when senior members were convicted of kidnapping and murder. Now they’ve returned to finish their mission.

Luke Bishop works and drinks in Doom Town. He keeps experiencing black-outs and flashbacks, and it’s happening more and more. Is he being possessed by demons? What is his connection to the Order of Manasa?

Doom Town is a horror story and an occult mystery. It deals with themes of love, loss, betrayal, and redemption. Stay tuned because there are lots of twists on this journey!

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