Paranormal Activity 2 to Take on Saw Again in October with Former Saw Director at the Helm

ParamountOk. Color us speechless. It’s no surprise that a sequel to the smash phenom Paranormal Activity is on its way. The movie made millions and dethroned the Saw franchise as October’s biggest moneymaker.

In retrospect we almost feel bad for Saw VI. Director Kevin Greutert pulled off one hell of a feat by actually getting the flailing franchise back on track with his film. It’s a shame no one went to see it. So with Paranormal Activity 2 officially on the horizon and gearing up to go toe-to-toe with Saw VII, you’ll never guess whom Paramount is putting at the directorial helm for PA2Saw VI‘s Kevin Greutert. Told ya this was a doozy!

From the Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog:

“Something’s moving in the Paranormal Activity 2 house.

Paramount has hired screenwriter Michael R. Perry and director Kevin Greutert to create the sequel to 2009’s biggest surprise hit, Paranormal Activity, which scared up $151 million in worldwide grosses in the fall on a shoestring $15,000 budget and a shrewd, opt-in Web marketing campaign.

Significantly, Paramount will unleash it in theaters on the pre-Halloween weekend of October 22, which sets it against that date’s reigning champion in previous years, the next installment in Lionsgate’s Saw series (this year would be “VII”). In a symbolic twist, Greutert made his directorial debut on the sixth Saw film, which grossed just $31 million worldwide, with observers thinking that the franchise may be bleeding dry.

Jason Blum and Oren Peli, who masterminded the first ‘Activity’, are producing the second iteration. Steven Schneider will serve as executive producer.

“These guys get it, and the fans won’t be disappointed,” said Peli of Perry and Greutert’s participation.

Unsurprisingly, the filmmakers are keeping the storyline — as well as the film’s actual title — hidden in the attic.”

You know what? We think Greutert can actually pull this one off. Stay tuned! Things are bound to get even stranger!

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Sirand

    I would normally brush this one off…but Greutert really proved himself to be a good horror director. I’d like to see what he could do with a non-sequel though.

  • PelusaMG

    I cannot see where this is going to go, other than ‘Suck Street’!

  • Terminal

    I seriously sense this sequel will end up like the sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Where else do they have to go with this story?

    • Cinemascribe

      A lot of people said that the Saw franchise was dead, but Greutert resurrected that (at least in terms of quality). I’m not sure where exactly they could go with this, but it’ll be interesting to see what Kevin does with it.

      And I believe BW 2 is a better film than people give it credit for. There’s more going on in that film than is apparent on the surface. I think whether or not a person can appreciate it has to do with the value they assign to the original (to some degree,at least).

      Personally (and I realize I run the risk of being ridiculed for this, but fuck it. Full speed ahead), TBWP was a one shot experience for me. After the impact of the initial viewing, its charm wore off pretty fast and I actually enjoy BW2 more. I admire Berlinger for trying something off the wall and fairly esoteric with the sequel.

      Not the most popular opinion of the film but, hey, if we all enjoyed the same things, there would be no variety ..and what fun would that be?

      • Terminal

        Honestly I enjoyed BWP 2 as well. I thought the climax was a real mind fuck, but it strayed from what the original was all about. I fear PA 2 will do the same and turn Katie in to some sort of gimmicky horror figure that the studios will try to turn in to a horror icon or something.

        • Rottenjesus

          I was with you up until the “Honestly I enjoyed BWP 2” part.

          There’s no reason for having a PA sequel except that the first one made a lot of money. Oh yeah, that’s what Hollywood runs on! That and squeezing the life out of any original concept until it dies and they repeatedly violate the corpse.

          • Deacon

            Your comments about Hollywood are spot on…but calling PA an original concept is absurd.

          • Terminal

            You’re right but they took the already used concept and made it bang. And it worked quite well.

        • Rorschach

          SPOILER: Katie’s the ghost/demon/entity this time. She’s like a cross between Samara from the RING and Kayako from The Grudge.

          SMELL the MONEY!

          • RingoJ

            Maybe she’ll show us dem titties.

        • G.D.

          I agree with you, I thought BWP2 was good (and I revisted it a couple years ago and liked it even more than I orginally did). I also think that PA2 will suffer the same box office fate that BWP2 suffered. There’s really no way to do a sequel, because people aren’t going to want a more planeed/contrived version of PA and (like with BWP) people aren’t going to want something that’s crazy different either.

          What’s interesting is that, no matter the quality of the sequel, the director could well end up being known as the guy who made back-to-back bombs of sequels of popular movies.

    • RingoJ

      Maybe they’ll have Katie wandering the streets, tossing and growling at people.

      • Terminal

        Hah! I can see it now. I hope they don’t turn her in to some sort of demonic villain a la Pinhead or something.