Todd Farmer Blogs the Bitter Truth Behind Halloween 3D Stalls

Todd Farmer Blogs the Bitter Truth Behind Halloween 3D StallsBack in September everybody got pretty excited when they learned The Weinstein Co.’s Halloween 3D was being placed in the very able hands of the team who scored major points with their My Bloody Valentine 3D reboot: director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer. Then things got quiet … very quiet. We now know why.

Farmer, like a lot of people in the public eye, has a blog. And he’s opted to utilize his blog to detail the process he and Lussier went through to craft the script for Halloween 3D as well as reveal a lot of their behind-the-scenes juggling act between H3D and Drive Angry … and to say some not so flattering things about Bob Weinstein.

If you love moviemaking, are a Halloween fan or a Lussier/Farmer fan, or are just curious about the inner-workings of Hollywood, do yourself a favor and check out Farmer’s “September Rain“. And then after you’ve read the names Gary Tunnicliffe, Tyler Mane, and yes, even Tom Atkins, come back and share in our disappointment over what might have been.

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  • meyersfan 78

    halloween 3d should be released in late october instead of a summer release.there’s more time to film it & more fun to see when it is halloween.we need more dying & less crying !!

  • DavidFullam

    I am totally against this film, god damnit mugga fugga! You know this dude will put Mikey in a miner’s helmet and cast his significant other in a major role. Bet he will have tons of cameos by his fave personalities, and make everyone Canadian, the swine! How dare he? I will be setting up an online petition to make sure these guys don’t step anywhere near our beloved franchise. Failing that, I will set up a petition to make sure the film is remade by other hands before it gets released. Together, we can all stop this madness!


    • LifeMi

      I don’t adhere to the belief that Lussier and Farmer would’ve made a great film, but after Zombie’s bullshit I would have gladly trusted them with it. Even if they did put Michael in a Miner’s mask and cast Canadians, sounds better to me than Hobo Myers and vulgar Rednecks.

      • DavidFullam

        I feel these yahoos are all wrong. Someone, bring us back to the superlative days when this franchise could boast a Busta Rhymes, YO! 🙂

    • HalloweenFranchise

      Who would start a internet petition against a Halloween film getting made, that is the dumbest Idea I ever heard of. I think that Patrick and Todd will do a great job.

      • meyersfan 78

        a petition to stop halloween 3d ?!! put the energy & time into ideas to improve the film instead !!!

  • Blockbuster

    All I’m saying is that Farmer seems like a genuinely super cool cat. Sounds like someone who would be fun as hell to hang with…too bad he’s getting screwed like this, however, if the script IS as good as he says it is, I hope it does get made.

  • PelusaMG

    I would hazzard a guess that the Weinsteins got nervous over the financial viability of the franchise after H2 did not perform as hoped/needed. Then they hit financial woes and lost their bottle for H3D. If the script is as good as people are saying, the movie will get made. I also think people are trying to get some distance between this and Zombie’s films… Last thing you want (if the script is good) is for it to be rushed into production, only to have people saying, “Oh God, not another bloody Halloween film!”.

  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    They were bringing back Tyler Mane and Scout Whatshername?! Oh, come on, this needs a reboot, a total distancing from Zombie’s “ideas”.

    ‘H3’ is never going to work if you decide to go with beardy Mane in a hood and having moronic visions full of ponies and dead strippers. How could ‘H3’ even have the same tone or dialogue as Zombie’s juvenilia? Or would the entire population of Haddonfield – including ‘Angel’ (haha) Strode – just suddenly stop swearing and acting like twats without any given reason other than for the fact that the script wasn’t written by a knuckle-dragging “horror master” doing his damnedest to appeal to 13-year-old Metal kids?

    Utter bullshit. Lose the Jolly Mean Giant, lose Scout Bagelfingerfucker and wipe Zombie’s shit off ‘Halloween”s shoe. Start anew, otherwise the series will continue to be tainted by the sheer idiocy of the last two films.

    • The Woman In Black

      Nobody said anything about Scout, just Tyler, who, I think most people agree, was a pretty intimidating Michael Myers, even if Zombie didn’t exactly know how best to utilize him. I wouldn’t have minded his return at all.

      • Terminal

        I wouldn’t mind Tyler back myself if granted they put him in the damn costume and give us the actual Michael Myers.

      • Shambling_in_Bandages

        “Nobody said anything about Scout”

        They most certainly do. I quote:

        “Are the returning actors available during our window? Neither Patrick, myself, nor Malek wanted to replace any returning actor.”

        Followed up by a reaction given by someone who had read their script:

        “When Laurie (did that thing which I’m not going to print here) I physically jumped.”

        They want certain actors to return and Laurie is in the script, ergo…?

    • G.D.

      Have you never seen sequels done by different filmmakers? Why would H3 have bearded Michael and visions? Just because they were maybe bringing Tyler Mane back, it meant that it would be just like Zombie’s movies?

      Are you retarded?

      I’m not trying to rip on you, I’m honestly asking if you’re retarded or if you think an entirely knew creative team would make a movie just like Zombie’s SIMPLY because they were going to bring back two of the actors?

      Maybe you think the possibly inclusion of Tom Atkins would mean he would have to be playing the same character as he did in the original Halloween 3? You know, because they have the same titles?

      Wow. You are DUMB.

      • Shambling_in_Bandages

        “Are you retarded?”

        That’s a question best asked of yourself, because you clearly had trouble digesting my perfectly easy-to-understand post. I never said a new creative team would “make a movie just like Zombie’s”, I said that following on from Zombie’s direction with a new creative team would either be such a massive change in tone that the best thing they could do would be to start from scratch or, if they did attempt to ape Zombie’s style, it would be just as popular as, you know, the last ‘Halloween’ film. The one with all the extra helpings of retardation.

        Learn to read, you drooling fucknugget.

        • theGoldenSimatar

          Okay all, lets calm down before things get out of hand. There’s no need for name calling or anything like that. It’s just a movie.

          • PelusaMG

            *Cough… choke… loss of breath*

            What do you mean… “It’s just a movie”???

            (*Goes off for a lie down*)

          • theGoldenSimatar

            I mean, yes fans are passionate about a franchise and are invested in the characters. But at the end of the day, its a movie and shouldn’t be taken as anything beyond that.

  • Count Zartro

    I’m can’t get the blog to load, anyone else having this problem?

    • theGoldenSimatar

      Same here, can’t load. Tried both Safari and Firefox.

      • LifeMi

        That’s strange. It works just fine for me.

        • theGoldenSimatar

          Worked fine for me just now actually.

  • LifeMi

    Figures. Dimension inevitably finds a way to fuck things up, no matter what. Everyone should go read the blog; regardless of what you think of Jason X or MBV3D, there’s no question that Farmer and Lussier have tremendous respect for the material. Even if they half-assed it, they would still make a movie a thousand times better than Zombie’s bullshit.