Street Trash 2!?!?

So I guess, in a roundabout sort of way, it’s the Creature Corner’s fault that there’s now a sequel to Street Trash in the works. You see, shortly after learning about an official site for the film, they contacted the original’s producer, Roy Frumkes, who had never heard of the idea. Then, just a few days later, Frumkes let them know that hey, what do you know, there is in fact a Street Trash 2 on its way!

Coincidence? Probably not.

You see the site was created by the original’s director, Jim Muro, to see what kind of reaction there would be to the idea, to see if it would be worth pursuing. Not a bad idea at all, especially since Street Trash just got another feature-packed DVD release thanks to Synapse Films (our review is here), so it’s fresh in everyone’s twisted brains.

Though the money isn’t in place yet, Frumkes (who you may recall also did Document of the Dead for George A. Romero) and Muro seem pretty happy with the idea of bringing a new Street Trash to the masses. But are the masses ready for it?

Check out the entire interview with Frumkes over on Creature Corner to learn even more!

Johnny Butane

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