*UPDATED* Bousman Behind the Rows?

All right, Saw IV I could understand especially if, like the man says, the script is that good. I definitely get why Darren Lynn Bousman would want to do a Scanners remake because, well, that’s just kind of badass. But Children of the Corn?

Such is the new rumor that has made its way to the pages of IESB. Dimension’s been trying for years to re-ignite the long-dead Children of the Corn franchise, and a modestly budgeted remake is usually the best way to do so (or so they’re hoping with Halloween). IESB has learned that the remake is going forward with Bousman attached to direct.

IESB could not confirm said rumors, but they never got a flat-out denial either, which could be a good sign. Between Saw IV, the horror/musical Repo! and the Scanners remake, when the hell would Bousman have the time to direct another? Or is he just filling up his schedule now so he doesn’t have to worry about work for a while? You’ll know more when we do!


Just heard from Darren and he has stated that he is NOT attached to Children of the Corn, nor has he ever walked behind the rows.

Johnny Butane

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