John Carpenter Talks The Ward

A lengthy new video interview with horror master John Carpenter concerning his return to the big screen with his highly anticipated film The Ward has surfaced online, and we’ve got it for ya!

The interview comes courtesy of the French film site Blog Didier Allouch, and the Carpenter segment (which is in English) begins at about the 2:50 mark.

The Ward, Carpenter’s long awaited return to the big screen, stars Amber Heard, Danielle Panabaker, Lyndsy Fonseca, Jared Harris, and Mamie Gummer. The film, currently in post, is produced by Doug Mankoff, Andrew Spaulding, Peter Block, and Mike Marcus; and a synopsis follows:

Kristen, a beautiful but troubled young woman, finds herself bruised, cut, drugged, and held against her will in a remote ward of a psychiatric hospital. She is completely disoriented with no idea why she was brought to this place and no memory of her life before being admitted. All she knows is that she isn’t safe.

The other patients in the ward, four equally disturbed young women, offer no answers; and Kristen quickly realizes things are not as they seem. The air is heavy with secrets, and at night, when the hospital is dark and foreboding, she hears strange and frightening sounds. It appears they are not alone.

One-by-one the other girls begin to disappear, and Kristen must find a way out of this hellish place before she, too, becomes a victim. As she struggles to escape, she will uncover a truth far more dangerous and horrifying than anyone could have imagined.

Click below for the goods (thanks to our eagle-eyed reader Marco), and look for more soon!

John Carpenter Talks The Ward

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • maikii

    Remaking They Live…? God fucking damn it…

  • PelusaMG

    One thing I will say after watching this video is that I am amazed Carpenter is still alive, after essentially chain-smoking his way through the last 40 years!

    • Floydian Trip

      I hear ya man. I feel the same way. He hasn’t looked very healthy in a long time.

  • DavidFullam

    Finally, another film to look forward to.

  • Masked Slasher

    A new John Carpenter flick is cause for celebration. I can’t believe he made only one feature in the 2000s.

    • Floydian Trip

      Celebration indeed and tonight I will watch Prince of Darkness in honor of him.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Prince of Darkness is my favorite Carpenter movie. Even more so than Halloween. I love it to pieces.

        • Floydian Trip

          As do I. Have you read the book ‘Prince of Darkness’? Should be required reading for every horror fan.

        • Masked Slasher

          Not my favorite, but I absolutely love everything he did between ’76 – 88.

          That output, and the variety of films, is amazing.

      • PelusaMG

        Prince of Darkness is one of the creepiest and scary films. Ever!

  • Floydian Trip

    That’s awesome. John Carpenter is a God among men and thank the Gods he’s back. I can’t wait.

    Jeff Bridges and Robert Duvall kick ass too.