Thunder Peak Unveils Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter E-Serial

There’s a new ghost hunter in town, and his name is Jason Dark. He’s here to face the horrors, the demons, the vampires, the werecreatures, and every other diabolical monster imaginable on behalf of a more civilized world.

Thunder Peak Publishing announces the launch of an Internet “e-serial” that brings a new face into the horror genre. Where the fog shrouds the streets of Victorian England, where evil lurks behind street corners and nightmares dance in the souls of men, comes the Geisterjäger. Descended from an ancestral line of ghost hunters, Jason Dark is the Geisterjäger of his generation. Risking his own life, sanity, and soul, Dark faces unmentionable terror — perhaps even the Devil himself. Join Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter in his arcane and ethereal exploits — unless, of course, you’re afraid of the Dark.

The stories are written by Guido Henkel, the designer who brought Germany’s famed Das Schwarze Auge series to computer screens. The first two adventure in the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series entitled “Demon’s Night” and “Theater of Vampires” are both available for reading on Internet browsers, including Microsoft Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, for free from the JasonDarkSeries.com website. In addition, alternative versions are available at a nominal cost, and these include the Amazon Kindle and other mobile eReaders and devices, such as cell phones, as well as a print version.

In “Demon’s Night,” a series of bizarre deaths leaves the victims unnaturally desiccated and decaying, sending Jason Dark into the dangerous world of the London dockyards in search of a supernatural murderer. But is the paranormal investigator prepared to duel a full-fledged demon on a Hell-bent mission to create chaos and catastrophe throughout the earth, a fiend determined to wreak more death and destruction than his even more ominous Father?

Thunder Peak Unveils Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter E-SerialThunder Peak Unveils Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter E-Serial

In Episode #2, when stage magic isn’t what it seems, Jason Dark turns to an old friend for help. Explore the shadows of the Victorian Theater with London’s most famous Geisterjäger as he confronts a horror beyond anything yet confronted. “Theater of Vampires” is a story of betrayal, discovery, and horror in the tradition of the Grand Guignol. The only admission price needed is your courage.

Below are a teaser trailer for the e-serial and a sneak peek at the cover created by Gary Crump for Episode 3, “Ghosts Templar”, coming in February. In the third installment skeletal riders on undead steeds haunt the small seaside town of Swanage. Night after night they appear to kill its inhabitants. Few people know the secret behind these unholy Templar Knights, and fewer still are willing to give it up. Will Jason Dark be able to put an end to their nightmare reign?

Thunder Peak Unveils Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter E-Serial

Be sure to visit the JasonDarkSeries.com website to learn more about the world of Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter.

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