Pulse Director Faces His Demons

Jim Sorenzo to adapt DemonsWhile we wait for Dimension to finally get around to releasing Pulse (they just changed the date, again, this time to August 25th), the boys at B-D got chatting with the film’s director, Jim Sorenzo, and discovered what his next project with Dimension will be.

“[I’m working on] a book that I optioned that’s set up through Dimension called Demons. John Shirley wrote it, which is fantastic,” he told the site. “It’s basically about demons invading our world from another dimension and kind of similar to this but its much more colorful, a lot of special effects and it’s very cool. Its like Independence Day meets… well demons invade the world,”

If the name John Shirley rings a bell, there’s good reason. The prolific author has written tons of books through his career, including a collaboration with Ed Lee and the Constantine novelization. This is the first I’ve heard of any of his books getting adapted, so I’m sure he’s happy about it as well.

For more info on Demons and to order it and help support the site, click here. Sorenzo is working on the script with “Lost” writer Javier Grillo, and I’m sure if Pulse does well, we’ll be hearing more on it very soon!

Johnny Butane

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