2 Different Versions of The Wolfman Being Edited? NOT TRUE

Everything was going so well for Universal’s big budget remake of The Wolfman. After a promising trailer and its receipt of the much coveted R rating, we were starting to get a good vibe … until today when reports of two different cuts being readied surfaced. Fortunately that rumor has been dubunked.

First The Playlist reported that there were two versions of The Wolfman currently being prepped in the editing room, one by the film’s director, Joe Johnston, and other being forged by Universal’s Production President, Donna Langely.

Fortunately, though, Devin over at Chud got on the phone with Scott Stuber, BMOC at Universal and producer of the film, and he set the record pretty straight [by saying]: “The movie’s been done for a while. We finished the cut, and obviously we are now mixing and scoring and putting in our final effects right now, but the movie’s been finished. The concept of having two competing cuts and the studio having their own editing room and all that [is] simply not true.

Whew! February 12, 2010, can’t get here soon enough so we can finally see what has the potential to be one of the coolest possible genre flicks of the year.

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  • Floydian Trip

    Kubrick edited 2001 on the QEII on the boat ride over and then on a cross country train to get it done in time for the premire and it was and it bombed much like I think this will.

  • FilmCritic3000

    One of the film’s producers begs to differ.


  • Agonistes

    What? Now its a competition? Perhaps a bet?

  • Minion

    Why the fuck do they have to screw with it so much? This is becoming extremely troubling. Hopefully they go with the directors cut, I just have a feeling that one is going to be the better of the two.