Death On Demand

DoD (click for larger image)Last Saturday some of us at Dread Central got a peek at *ahem* a number of things including a certain new indie horror movie that piqued our interest. It centers around a haunted house that is wired with cameras and broadcasts over the Internet as young couples compete for a grand prize of $5,000.00 if they can last the night. No, this is not Halloween: Resurrection 2: The Revenge of Busta Rhymes … this is a real horror film titled Death On Demand in which viewers get some nasty gore streamed right into their living rooms via pay-per-view. Beat that, Time Warner! One-up on that, Comcast! Who wouldn’t pay to see dumb people meet bloody ends?

Death on Demand stars the Horror and Hotties Film Festival‘s own Krista Grotte as a porn star looking for sex (aw yeah, mama) while her housemates get slaughtered left and right. Hopefully our killer will leave her for last as anyone looking for quick sex is OK in my book.

Below you can find a few exclusive pictures, and if you’re hungry for more, hit up the filmmakers’ Official Blog.

Keep checking back because we are sure to have more Death On Demand news and media soon!

DoD (click to see it bigger!) DoD (click to see it bigger!) DoD (click to see it bigger!)

Kryten Syxx

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