13 Horror Comics and Graphic Novels You Need to be Reading in 2016

Last year I put together a piece titled, 13 Horror Comics and Graphic Novels You Need to be Reading in 2015. The loyal DCers crawled from the woodwork to pick up some recommendations and offer some insight into a few books that probably should have been included in the original lineup.

I’ve taken some time, and I’ve listened to the voice of DC. Of course that means I’ve done some research, tracked down some stellar books, and, as you may have expected, crafted a new list with a handful of titles that certainly deserve a shine.

If you want to know what you should be reading in 2016 (note that a few of these books actually debuted prior to the year’s arrival), take a gander at 13 insanely slick titles that didn’t find a home on my first breakdown of this nature!

Joe Golem: Occult Detective: I can’t even begin to express my love for this book. A throwback tale equipped with gorgeous vintage cityscapes, hideous monsters and one bad-ass private investigator (who specializes in the “unnatural”) by the name of Joe Golem, it’s practically impossible to put the book down. And every single issue offers some really, really wild sequences, anchored by both action and horror. Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden are responsible for the story (huge respect to these two, as they’ve got something truly special on their hands) while Patric Reynolds gives us a hint of classic illustration style. It’s a genius book and a certified home run for Dark Horse Comics!

Joe Golem

Ghosted: There’s something very special about this book. It’s all about a masterful criminal who finds himself busted out of the clink and hired to, get this: capture a ghost! Sounds insane, right? It is, but it’s insane in the best way possible. There’s a very minor hint of 13 Ghosts in the tale, but it’s unique, and the characters are great. Joshua Williamson (who pops up more than once on this list) handles the story while Goran Sudzuka takes care of beautiful business with the pencils. The book has an interesting blend of crime noir (particularly those aesthetics) and modern day ghost-busting.


Nailbiter: A story about small town shenanigans and 16 serial killers. What more need be said? The truth is, after reading the first volume of this book, I was a little disappointed: very few of the conflicts and mysteries had been solved. But as I’ve continued reading, my mind has been changed for the better. This is an engrossing tale, extremely well thought-out by the talented Joshua Williamson and brilliantly illustrated by Mike Henderson. The series is 20 issues deep, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on a wild spin on the slasher tale.


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