The Reeds and The Descent Part 2 Earn Themselves an R

There’s not a day that goes by that we’re not grateful that the MPAA has removed the stick that was lodged firmly up its ass in the Eighties and parts of the Nineties regarding horror movies. Those of you too young to remember missed some seriously dark days. Throat slashings with no blood. Chainsaw massacres without violence. It really sucked. In any event, let’s put all that behind us in the interest of playing nice, shall we?

The Reeds and The Descent Part 2 Earn Themselves an R

Two new films have gone before the ratings board and come away with R ratings …

The Descent Part 2 has been rated “R” for just about everything that we like … Strong bloody horror violence, grisly images, terror and language. After Dark’s The Reeds garnered the same rating for violence, language and some drug use.

No word on when we’ll be seeing The Descent Part 2 here Stateside, but The Reeds will be in theatres this January as part of Horrorfest 4.

Stay tuned for more!

Uncle Creepy

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