Some Dexter Videos to Help Ease the Pain of the Finale

Still reeling from the way things went down in the Season Four finale of “Dexter”? Showtime wants to help by providing a couple of video interviews with both Dexter and the Trinity Killer themselves. Once you’re done watching, read on for a chat with Julie Benz.

First up is “The Finale” wherein Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow discuss the turn of events in the season ender.

Next is an almost 50-minute video of John Lithgow chatting with fans of the show, which streamed live from NYC and LA on Monday, December 14th, 2009.

********SPOILERS AHEAD********

Now that Julie Benz is finally able to discuss the outcome of the season as it relates to her character, Rita, we have a few highlights below from her “five stages of grief” interview with E! Online. Be sure to read the whole thing, but beware — it’s tough to get through without reliving the shock and sadness of it all.

STAGE 1, DENIAL: Is there any chance Rita is alive? Was it a dream? That she’ll be back as a ghost?
“There has been no talk of me coming back to the series in any way…I don’t think it could get any more obvious that Trinity killed Rita. Rita is dead. And there has been no talk of Rita being a ghost. No one’s approached me about coming back.”

STAGE 2, ANGER: Why, why, why? Why Rita? And why did her death have to be so horrifying? She deserved better! What were the writers thinking?
“It is tough, and my first reaction was, ‘You’re killing the mother of the show! You’re killing the woman who’s suffered more violence than anybody!’ Rita was beaten and raped by an ex-husband on a regular basis, and yet she still has this innocence and sweetness about her…I did feel anger about them taking this innocent, sweet woman in such a violent and terrifying way…But it’s a poetic way to go, poetic of course, because it’s a direct reflection of Dexter as a child, and there’s poetry in that if you can get past that, which I think is what they were going for.”

STAGE 3, BARGAINING: If we don’t get more Julie Benz on this show, can we get her on another awesome TV show?
“There are rumors out there that I left Dexter for a film career — I did not leave Dexter. I don’t know anybody in their right mind that would choose to leave Dexter…I love being on television, especially a show like Dexter…I’d love to be a part of a show where they don’t think it’s cool to kill me!”

STAGE 4, DEPRESSION: How did the cast react to the news you were leaving?
“There were a lot of tears the whole last week. When I found out, I called Jennifer [Carpenter] right as I was leaving the offices, and she thought I was playing a joke. She couldn’t believe it. She was shocked. And then the producers told the rest of the cast because after telling Jennifer I just said I can’t do it. It’s too hard. I get really emotional thinking about it. It was my family and my favorite place to go every day.”

STAGE 5, ACCEPTANCE: How do you feel about Rita’s death now? Do you think it will serve a greater purpose?
“When you make a bold move to kill off a main character, and a bold move to kill off the mother of a newborn, it’s a fifty-fifty shot, and kudos to them for taking that risk…I hope it opens the story up to so much more drama. I hope it opens Dexter up to finally releasing the Dark Passenger within him — let’s see the monster that he really is.”

We hope so, too, Julie! Writers, are you paying attention?

Dexter returns to Showtime in the fall of 2010. Tell us what you’d like to see in Season Five below.

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