Early Info and Trailer for Serial: Amoral Uprising

Early Info and Trailer for Serial: Amoral UprisingWe recently heard from K.M. Jamison, the writer and director of “Serial: Amoral Uprising”, a 58-minute crime/horror film that was produced to help get the promotional ball rolling on a feature he plans to film based around a fictional serial killer named Trenton Wade Bracks.

The film stars Wayne Dial, Kymberly Harris, and Christopher Howell (pictured) as Bracks. Here are more details in Jamison’s own words: The best way to describe how things began with this project would be to go back to what initially inspired me to make this movie. My love and obsession for the study of true crime and my lifelong goal to write, shoot, and produce something that not only I could enjoy but to create something that could be loved by a wide range of people for years to come.

Greatly inspired by crime/horror films such as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Maniac, Kalifornia, and legendary true crime author Ann Rule, “Serial: Amoral Uprising” profiles the life and crimes of manipulative sociopath and serial killer Trenton Wade Bracks. Although the character and story of Trenton Bracks may be fiction, the actions and events that transpire throughout his life are in fact inspired by a large number of true life cases such as Ted Bundy, Henry Lee Lucas, and Tommy Lynn Sells, just to name a few. This is NOT your garden variety slasher/horror flick. Trenton Bracks isn’t Freddy or Jason. He’s someone you could see as your drinking buddy, your co-worker, or the guy hired to fix the roof on your house. Using his sleek exterior and cunning personality as a tool to his advantage, especially when it comes to charming the ladies.

This is a prologue that we filmed, funded, and produced ourselves in an effort to get the promotional ball rolling on a much bigger script that we plan to shoot in the summer of 2010. “Serial: Amoral Uprising” is just the beginning of Trenton’s story and is intended as a companion piece to go along with the full feature entitled Serial, which is based ten years after “Serial: Amoral Uprising”. Remember, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

Check out the trailer below along with the official “Serial: Amoral Uprising” website, and keep it here for more on both the short and the feature as it comes.

SERIAL: Amoral Uprising Trailer from Vicious Malicious on Vimeo.

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