March Delirium?

That tagline looks familiar...Forget about “March Madness.” This month isn’t about sports, not at all. Unless basketball players start getting picked off in the middle of games via an axe swinging psychopath, I don’t want to hear it. Let’s, instead, focus our attention on another mental issue other than madness … Delirium.

On the 6th of this month York Entertainment is set to release Mark Allen’s direct-to-DVD project, Delirium. Here’s what we are in store for: It was supposed to be their spring break. A week of fun, sun, beach babes and all-night parties. But anticipation turns into horror and jubilation descends into desperation as their road trip takes a fatal detour into terror and murder in this gripping tale of madness, death and redemption. On a deserted back road in the American Southwest, six college friends find themselves stranded when their car unexpectedly breaks down. As their cell phones don’t work and there is no help in sight they decide to walk to the next town. As soon as the sun goes down, their frustration turns into terror as the students realize they are being stalked by a mysterious figure lurking in the darkness. Who will survive the night and who will fall to the sadistic blade of the mysterious killer?

Sounds a bit like The Hills Have Eyes and many tried and true slashers that take place along the silent deserted roads of the US. I can just never get enough of college kids in danger. With college attendees there is always the prospect that there is no PG-13 rating attached to it. That is a major plus and it is not a remake, so it is already scoring high points with me. But … will it make the cut where others have failed? Hopefully I will be able to tell you soon with an actual review of the feature!

Now I must leave you, because sleep calls and I have 3 burgers and 2 happy meal toys to digest. I won’t say goodnight without leaving my fiends with a little something to claw over. Enjoy these stills from Delirium!!!

Delirium (click to see it bigger!) Delirium (click to see it bigger!) Delirium (click to see it bigger!) Delirium (click to see it bigger!)

Delirium (click to see it bigger!) Delirium (click to see it bigger!) Delirium (click to see it bigger!)

Kryten Syxx

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