DVD Releases: Dec. 8, 2009: Run Bitch Run from The Lights of the InAlienable Cyclops

It looks like Anchor Bay is wishing everyone a “Blu” Christmas as it releases a wide variety of films ranging from The Alphabet Killer to Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon to Walled In to Cyclops to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer onto Blu-ray for the first time. Now that’s a lot of cerulean!

But that’s just the beginning of this week’s home video treasures. There’s also a Coraline gift set that, along with the contents featured in the existing Blu-ray release, includes a set of postcards and a book titled Getting Things Right, giving Henry Selick’s insights into inspiration, process, and production of the movie. Fans of Takashi Miike’s Gozu will want to check out the new two-disc Collector’s Edition of the film, and those of you who have stuck by the TV show Lost but haven’t yet picked up the series on DVD will be tempted by the Seasons 1-5 box set.

The rest are mostly unknown entities like The Skeptic, Screams in the Night, Plaguers, InAlienable, and The Lights. Definitely proceed with caution and at your own risk with regard to these and the others on the list.

Debi Moore

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