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Germany’s Got a Slasher



Slasher poster (click to see it bigger)Teens in the woods. A masked butcher out to eliminate them one by one through creative kills. You’ve seen it a thousand times before … but have you seen it in German?

Such is the plot and setting for Slasher, a blood-soaked horror flick from German director Frank Montag. We received word on the film from a friend of the production who was also cool enough to provide us with two exclusive pics, which you can check out below.

From what we were told, it sounds more like an homage to American slasher flicks of the 80’s than anything that tries to be new or groundbreaking, which is fine by me as long as there are plenty of gooey goodies and nekkid flesh.

The film is set to be released in Germany later this year with U.S. distro deals being worked out as we speak. Stay tuned for more info as we get it!

FYI, please be sure you’re careful as both pictures are NOT WORK SAFE!

Slasher pic (click to see it bigger)Slasher pic (click to see it bigger)

Johnny Butane

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