Eyeborgs Are Coming!

Eyeborgs ready to roll soon!“Set in near future Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Eyeborgs combines action, horror, and political commentary in a tale of sophisticated surveillance robots going out of control. Following another 9/11 scale terrorist attack, the Department of Homeland Security takes extreme precautions to monitor the nation, including introducing small surveillance machines called “Eyeborgs” that can not only monitor the populace but even enforce the law with potentially deadly force. Suffice it to say, the Eyeborgs go haywire; possibly due to sabotage or possibly due to the machines becoming sentient enough to reprogram themselves. A Homeland Security agent, TV reporter, and the President’s punk rocker nephew join forces to find out the truth behind the Eyeborgs’ major malfunction and find a way to control-alt-delete them once and for all.”

I first reported on Richard (Python) Clabaugh’s sci-fi thriller Eyeborgs back in late 2005 and then heard nothing for so long I assumed the movie wasn’t going to happen. Recently recieved an email from Mr. Clabaugh telling me that the hold up was due to issues with securing funding, namely producers wanting the story dumbed down, shot in Bulgaria, and changed to have a bunch of people trapped in a building getting hunted down by the title droids. In other words, the Sci-Fi Channel formula. It’s refreshing to hear about filmmakers with loftier goals than just making a quick buck. It sounds like Eyeborgs is almost good to go, with hopes of beginning filming by summer’s end. Expect to hear some more news shortly.

Jokingly described by a friend of Clabaugh’s as “’24’ meets The Terminator“, I can’t help but detect a touch of Chopping Mall in this tale of security droids gone haywire. Head over to the official Eyeborgs website and check out the teaser footage, including a faux Homeland Security video touting the success of the Eyeborgs program. Great stuff. I’m especially digging the “Spyder” eyeborgs.

The Foywonder

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