Give the Ladies of the Evil Dead This Holiday Season

Did you survive Black Friday with a few dollars left in your pocket? If so, you need to see the new 10-color “Ladies of the Evil Dead: Extreme Edition” T-shirt from Fright Rags. Designed by the amazing Jeff Zornow, the T features all three “Ladies” (Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, and Sarah York) jumping out of the design in full-color madness, ready to swallow the souls of would-be onlookers and recruit them to their legion of the undead!

Keep reading to find out what makes the “Ladies of the Evil Dead: Extreme Edition” so … well … extreme!

This is the only time we’re releasing this shirt, period. Once it is gone, it is gone for good and we will NEVER print this design again. And while 500 shirts may sound like a lot, check this out… The last time we did a special edition like this, we sold over 400 shirts in less than 13 hours. And since then, literally hundreds more people have subscribed to our newsletter. So keep in mind, only 500 will be released … ever.

To put that in perspective, we typically use 4-5 colors on any of our regular designs. This design has MORE THAN DOUBLE that. We start out by bleaching the black ink out of the shirt to provide a clean, fresh surface to print on. Then, one by one, each color goes down and is heat cured into the fabric of the shirt. The result? A high-end screenprinted design that is super vibrant, silky smooth, and long lasting.

Included with each T-shirt will be an 11×17 full color poster of the T-shirt design, printed on 100# glossy coverstock. But if that wasn’t enough, each poster will be SIGNED AND NUMBERED BY EACH OF THE LADIES OF THE EVIL DEAD! That’s right … all three autographs will be on your poster! So not only can you show off the design on your shirt, but you’ll also have this collector’s edition poster to hang on your wall too!

Just like our fateful gang found the tape recorder in the basement of the old cabin, so too will you find your T-shirt. Each T-shirt will get its VERY OWN CUSTOM COLLECTOR’S BOX, which is designed to look like the very same trapdoor entrance — but beware, Ellen may just be waiting to grab your shirt before you do! And unlike earlier editions, each box will be protected inside a separate shipping box. This way, it will not get damaged or dinged on its way to you in the mail. And yes, each shirt comes with a box … order two shirts, get two boxes.

Every T-shirt will come with an authentic vial of dirt dug from the grounds where the actual cabin in The Evil Dead once stood in Morristown, TN.

Give the Ladies of the Evil Dead This Holiday Season

The shirts were initially offered exclusively to subscribers of Fright Rags‘ newsletter, and now there are less than 50 left. Click here for more details and/or to order yours ASAP!

For more on “The Ladies” themselves, click here to visit the official Ladies of the Evil Dead website.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • fright-rags

    I appreciate your comment Butcher. However, I have to say that it’s not simply “$80 for a t-shirt”. As stated, it includes the box, signed poster, and the dirt.

    And while I understand the dirt might not mean much to you, I felt the die-hard Evil Dead fans would get a kick out of it.

    Plus, I might add that the majority of these (over 450 of them) were sold on Black Friday to our newsletter subscribers for the price of $49.95…much lower than $80.

    I do appreciate your opinion and completely understand that this type of thing is not for everyone. I simply wanted to do something special and really cool for die-hard fans that wasn’t just a typical shirt.


  • The Butcher

    I LOVE this design by my pal Zornow. But at 80 bucks? Forget it. It’s like the days when Marvel started doing multiple foil covers for the same comic. A false collectible made to appeal to an elitist fan.

    Make the shirt so everyone can wear it. Print to order. Charge 20 bucks.

    Do I still want one? FUCK YEAH.

    But I’ll be ordering the FT13 hoodie first. I jst cant warrant spending 80- bucks on a t-shirt. It reeks of the “Ed Hardy” syndrome as I now call it.