Asylum Mockbuster Activity Conjures a Paranormal Entity

Asylum Mockbuster Activity Conjures a Paranormal EntitySome of you have asked the question, “So where is The Asylum’s mockbuster of Paranormal Activity?” To be fair, who expected a $15,000 home movie to become a $100 million dollar blockbuster? Never fear; when a blockbuster makes money, The Asylum smells money, and a mockbuster soon follows. They’ll see your Paranormal Activity and raise you a Paranormal Entity.

Now this Asylum mockbuster must really be on the fast track because The Asylum hasn’t even announced it on their own website yet, but it is already scheduled for a December 29th DVD release date. Quiet Earth appears to have broken the news about Paranormal Entity, complete with some admittedly neat looking artwork.

As for the plot:

Actual found videotape footage of the 2008 “murders” of the Finley family.

After the unwatchable dreck that was The Asylum’s Cloverfield mockbuster, Monster (review here), I’m not so sure I am ready for another piece of Asylum cinéma vérité, especially one that was clearly a last minute rush job. I do admit my curiosity as to whether or not it will visually look more or less costly than the original. And with “entity” in the title, will there be ghost rape?

Now I have a better question. Where is The Asylum’s Twilight mockbuster? The world wants to see C. Thomas Howell sparkle!

The Foywonder

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