Cage Looking to be New Fly?

Nic Cage wants to flyMan, why can’t Nicolas Cage just leave us alone?

As if punching out girls while in a bear suit and screaming like a first year theater actor when the bees got in his eyes wasn’t enough, now there’s talk that he might be looking to become the new Brundlefly. While I wouldn’t mind watching Nic Cage slowly fall to pieces, I would rather it not happen so he can become a superhuman/fly hybrid…

David Cronenberg, who’s working on an operatic version of his 1986 retelling of The Fly, told PR Inside recently that he’s heard rumors that Nic Cage is looking to be cast in the planned new remake of The Fly, a project that’s been mentioned numerous times over the years but has yet to come to fruition. Cronenberg will have nothing to do with the new remake, though hopefully he’ll get a paycheck out of it.

Ugh. This news just makes me feel ill in all the wrong places. Granted, Jeff Goldblum may not be a master thespian, but his turn as Seth Brundle in Cronenberg’s The Fly was fantastic. Cage hasn’t done anything fantastic in at least a decade, and something tells me that a Fly remake is not going to be his shining moment.

Johnny Butane

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