S&MAN Screening in Brooklyn, NY on November 29th

Looking for the perfect movie to take your parents and kids to after indulging in a bit of Thanksgiving turkey? Well, JT Petty’s horror documentary S&MAN is probably not it, but if live in or around Brooklyn, NY and can tear yourself away from your filial obligations, you owe it to yourself to check out the film’s screening on Sunday, November 29th.

JT Petty (The Burrowers, Soft for Digging) will be in attendance at UnionDocs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, along with Erik and Bill Zebub, which should make for the kind of post-screening Q&A you’d tell our grandchildren about if not for consideration of their healthy upbringing. Petty also promises, “There’s a good chance of a lot more crew/cast/subjects showing up, and if drinks don’t accompany the screening, they will almost certainly follow; ought to be a fun night.

S&MAN Screening in Brooklyn, NY on November 29th

Here are the details and a rather lengthy synopsis:

S&MAN Screening:
Sunday, November 29th, 7:30pm
322 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

S&MAN (review here) is a movie about voyeurism and underground horror, focusing on our balance of sympathy and sadism when we watch death. JT Petty, a filmmaker responsible for his own underground horror films, tracks down and interviews psychologists, scholars, actors, and most importantly—the underground and extreme filmmakers themselves. Horror, S&MAN posits, is a specific pleasure: the more we suffer in watching it, the better. We want horror movies to hurt us. S&MAN explores and exercises that idea, asking why we are compelled to watch, and more than that, why we like it.

The brains of S&MAN are structured around interviews with a horror scholar, a sexologist, and a forensic psychiatrist, who describe for us the connections between voyeurism, culture, and sadistic watching. The heart of the film, however, comes from the filmmakers who choose horror as their specialty. Through interviews, on-set filming, and home visits, JT and his crew are pulled deeper into the world of underground horror.

The film scrutinizes subjects who are, if not outright liars, at least intent on blurring the line between themselves and the movies they make. Boundaries are crossed: between filmmaker and subject, witness and participant, reality and fiction. The movie hones in on the topic of violence and sadistic watching, boiling it down to a discussion about snuff, about real murder on film, and the audience who’s watching.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, get your tickets early as the venue is small and likely to sell out.

Debi Moore

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