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Evil Dead Gingerbread Cabin Is Deliciously Evil



What’s better than a delicious gingerbread house? How about an Evil Dead-inspired cabin complete with a tiny Ash, a dismembered gingerbread man, and an edible Necronomicon? Believe it or not, such a thing actually exists, although it’s probably a little too cool to sink your sugar-soaked teeth into. How could you possibly consume such a wonderful and mind-blowing piece of art? You’re not that hungry, are you? Surely not. But it does look yummy. And evil. But mostly yummy.

The folks at Bloody Disgusting have the details:

Ash vs. Gingerbread by Nicole Cooper & Johnny Larocque. We decided instead of a boring old gingerbread house for Christmas, we’d make the cottage from The Evil Dead, complete with a chainsaw Ash and some deadites that have seen better days.

You can check some nifty images from the Evil Dead gingerbread cabin below. Try not to chew through your computer screen while gawking at the scrumptiousness of it all.

Evil Dead Cabin 7

Evil Dead Cabin 6

Evil Dead Cabin 5

Evil Dead Cabin 4

Evil Dead Cabin 3

Evil Dead Cabin 2

Evil Dead Cabin 1

Evil Dead Cabin 8



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