Mystery of the Zodiac Curse

Curse of the Zodiac is one of those movies that I stumbled upon a DVD release listing for that aside from some DVD art, a brief synopsis, and the distribution company putting it out, there didn’t seem to be any proof of the film’s existence anywhere online. I go to IMDB and there’s no listing; I Google the film’s title and come up with nothing more than what I already knew – it becomes like a mystery that I must solve. No one has ever actually solved the Zodiac killings, but after I stumbled upon a listing for Curse of the Zodiac a week ago I’ve been determined to unravel this enigma.

“Inspired by the true story of the Serial Killer who terrorized Northern California during the sixties and seventies. His use of cryptic symbols and coded messages fueled the police and media frenzy and made him one of America’s most notorious unsolved cases.”

A movie with a title like Curse of the Zodiac, a synopsis that seems to indicate it will be set in present day with only the loosest of ties to the actual subject matter it’s built around, and it’s being released to DVD by Lionsgate: that’s all I had to go on. My immediate reaction was, “This has got to be yet another Ulli Lommel flick.” But wait a minute – Lommel already mined the Zodiac Killer subject matter two years ago in a movie called Zodiac Killer. He couldn’t possibly be going back to the Zodiac well already, could he? I realize there’s a big Zodiac movie coming out this week, but still… So I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and decided to Google the movie’s title together with you-know-who’s name and, sure enough, according to AOL’s Moviefone, Curse of the Zodiac is indeed another cheap quickie from schlockmeister Ulli Lommel, continuing his yen for movies based on or around real life serial killers.

Mystery solved.

And because it’s a Ulli Lommel flick, odds are there really won’t be any reason why I ever feel the need to watch it. But for those of you that do and on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, Lommel will pull a worthwhile movie out of his ass this time out, Curse of the Zodiac hits DVD shelves on May 15th.

Johnny Butane

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