Halloween II DVD and Blu-ray Update

Another bad sign for the Weinsteins. Usually distribution of all of Dimension Films’ theatrical properties are handled by Genius Products, the Weinsteins’ home video label. Yet, today the news came that Sony will be handling the DVD and Blu-ray release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Very interesting, no?

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be dropping the film on an R-rated and unrated DVD along with an unrated Blu-ray on January 12th, 2010.

Extras will include the following on both packages except where noted:

  • Commentary with writer/director Rob Zombie
  • Deleted and alternate scenes
  • Audition footage
  • Uncle Seymour Coffins’ Stand-Up Routines
  • Make-up Test Footage
  • Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures Music Videos
  • Blooper reel

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  • Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    • Masked Slasher

      Boy, I sure can’t wait to watch those Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures music videos.

    • fceurich39

      yep and also i think it has been confirmed that the blu-ray will include both versions can u confirm that also uncle creepy?

    • TheFritz

      The Fire sale continues to burn over at Camp Weinstein! First they have to split the rights to Tarantino’s latest with Universal, then they clear their production schedule for the foreseeable future, now this piece of crap get’s distributed through Sony after tanking at the box-office? Sounds like a certain studio’s circling the drain, and it couldn’t happen to a couple of nicer assholes guys.

      Sayonara Bob & Harv! I’d say it was nice, but that would be a lie.

    • fceurich39

      nope it has already been announced that we will have a unrated dvd a theatrical dvd and a blu-ray and no word yet if the blu-ray will have both versions i hope so

      • DavidFullam

        I hope so. Daddy wants his unrated edition!

        • Uncle Creepy

          Did a little digging with Sony and yes an unrated DVD is on the way as well.

          • DavidFullam