New Double-Feature Soundtrack Coming: The House of the Devil / I Can See You

House of the Devil/I Can See You SoundtrackAvant garde composer Jeff Grace has credits ranging from The Lord of the Rings trilogy to Gangs of New York to Cronenberg’s Spider, and most recently he has written two new scores for Ti West’s spooky The House of the Devil and Graham Reznick’s original thriller I Can See You. They are being released together this month on one CD.

In addition to composer/conductor Grace’s atmospheric electronic music [and] his trademark string writing, I Can See You writer/director Reznick contributed two tracks to the soundtrack). Here’s the full track listing courtesy of MovieScore Media:

The House of the Devil (review here)
1 Opening 1.10 (listen to a sample here)
2 Family Photos 2.24
3 The View Upstairs 1.45
4 Original Inhabitants 3.05
5 Meeting Mr. Ulman 1.12
6 Keep the Change 1.12
7 Footsteps 1.27 (listen to a sample here)
8 Mother 3.07
9 Chalice 0.51
10 On the Run 3.45
11 Lights Out 3.04
12 He’s Calling You 1.50
13 The House of the Devil 5.49
14 Mrs. Ulman 2.04

I Can See You (review here)
15 Today In New York City 2.24
16 Pitch Meeting 2.53
17 Summer Day 6.22
18 Looking for Doug and Summer 1.35
19 Doug Returns 1.26
20 Doug Escapes 1.28
21 Where Are You Now? 2.59
22 The Cliff 4.05
23 Evening Fog 1.59
24 I Can See You 0.57 (listen to a sample here)
25 Swimming Hole 4.24
26 Passing Trees 1.11

To hear more, hit the above MovieScore link. The online version became available starting November 10th with the CD hitting retail outlets on November 17th.

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