Rambo 5, Monsters 0

Rambo 5, Monsters 0If you were amongst the people rendered giddy by the news a few weeks back that Sylvester Stallone was readying a fifth Rambo movie that would have him on a savage hunt in search of a genetically engineered predatory monster (story here), Stallone still intends to tackle that monster but no longer with the character of John Rambo.

Stallone contacted his fan site StalloneZone and relayed to them the following message regarding the new direction of Rambo V:

I’m letting you know that Rambo has changed course and the story about hunting the man/beast will be done using another character in the lead. RAMBO himself will be heading over the border to a violent city where many young women have vanished.

There will be blood.

Rambo battling a Mexican drug cartel was originally the way things were shaping up before the surprise announcement of the story change involving the military-made mutant on the loose. Probably for the best. Besides, if you have seen any news reports about the depraved things these Mexican drug cartels are responsible for, then you know they are more monstrous than anything that could be cooked up in a government lab, and seeing John Rambo lay waste to them like he did genocidal Burmese soldiers in Rambo will prove quite the satisfying experience.

For those with their hearts set on seeing Stallone fight a monster, it sure sounds like he is making it clear that film is still going to get made, just without the lead character being John Rambo.

Now would be a great time to break his Lincoln Hawk character out of mothballs to use his arm-wrestling skills to wristlock a savage mutant into submission for Over the Top 2: Armed and Dangerous.

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  • CMax

    Maybe we can get Turkish Rambo to go after the creature. I’d totally pay to see that.

  • JoeSena
  • JoeDarkfall

    He should use his character from Demolition Man to fight the Beast!!!

    Rambo wasteing a lot of Mexi-can’ts will draw some Racial Heat. Does anyone remember a Mexican group targeting “Attack of the Clones” for it’s negative portrayal of Latinos?

    Which of course was really confusing since the Clones were the good guys and the actual actors are Kiwi, not hispanic.
    (well except for Jango, who was really just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe).

    Let the contraversy begin!!!

    Go Rambo!!!!

  • Blockbuster

    So, I’m with everyone else on this…HAPPY to see Rambo doing more…VERY HAPPY to see it’s not with a genetic monster…THAT sounds like a job for Mr. Leon Kennedy. Heheh.

  • Rorschach

    Wow…this sounds like it could end up being VERY similar to the Punisher TPB titled “Girls in White Dresses” where Frank Castle goes after child-traffickers.

    Go get ’em, Rambo!

  • Floydian Trip

    Rambo went home. The End.

  • kiddcapone

    Anyone who ever complains in the future about horror movies being too violent and gory needs to watch the last Rambo movie a few times. There’s no comparison. I lost track when the body count reached 600. Wow.

    • Elf

      But part of how awesome Rambo was WAS all the violence.

      Movies today are just far too politically correct, I miss 80’s movies with gratuitous violence, awesome sound tracks and that dark humor that the 80’s seemed to run hand and hand with.

      • kiddcapone

        I’m not disagreeing at all. The best part of Rambo WAS the gratuitous over-the-top violence. It’s just ironic how the MPAA slices and dices horror films yet gives movies like Rambo a pass. People always condemn horror like it’s the abomination of society and the reason for everything bad in the world yet they gleefully cheer when Rambo cuts off the head of guy casting an infant into a huge fire or grabs a Gatling gun and blows away 500 foreigners in 2 minutes.

        • Elf

          Unfortunately it’s a fucking double standard. However, one of the reasons it may pass for Rambo is because Rambo is beating the “bad guys”, and that’s what the American Public, the sheep that they are want to see. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ll cheer when some asshole gets whats coming to them, but it’s not fair that horror movies do get the shaft.

          I’ll freely admit I do NOT like the torture porn genre, but luckily that looks like its dying thank god. However, something like Jason or Freddy cutting up people is just as satisfying in their own way. Especially when they hack up the popular preppy people that we all hated in high school. Unfortunately, the American Public doesn’t see that carithis for the underdog as a good thing.

  • DavidFullam

    Rambo going all SyFy was a bad idea. Glad he changed his mind on it. Personally I was hoping he would be retired like Rocky was, but at least he won’t be doing the Predator thing.

  • will graham

    I like the idea of Stallone going up against a man beast, but I didn’t like the idea of Rambo going up against one, most people didn’t.
    The good thing about Stallone is that he listens to his fans, either that or buyers at AFM hated the idea as well.
    Guess Avi Lerner is chuffed.

    Btw is anyone else surprised at the lack of Predator clones? The only action star I know to do one was Mark Dacascos with DNA.

    • Cody

      Great news. Didn’t like the idea of Rambo fighting a monster at all, now I have two movies to look forward to instead of one to dread.

      “Btw is anyone else surprised at the lack of Predator clones? The only action star I know to do one was Mark Dacascos with DNA.”

      How about Wings Hauser in Watchers III? 😉