Make a Date with Saw VII in 3D

I almost feel bad for Saw VI. The flick delivered on all counts; yet, it performed really badly at the box office. We can only hazard a guess that the damage done by the abysmal Part V left audiences so cold that the new film was something they weren’t going to bank on this year. David Hackl, director of Part V, now has a date for redemption with his new flick Saw VII 3D.

Can he pull it off, or should Kevin Gruetert (director of VI) been given another shot? Nothing against Hackl, but we’re inclined to believe the latter. Gruetert proved he had the chops to get things back on track. At least writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are back. Guess we’ll find out what happens on October 22, 2010, as that’s the date Lionsgate is circling for Saw VII 3D to invade theatres.

See Saw VII in Three Dimensions!

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  • sawlover

    i just cant believe that saw 7 is going to be in 3d its going to make it the best saw movie so fare

    just cant wait for saw 7

  • Count Zartro

    I enjoy the Saw movies, and for the people who do, VI was really good. I would rather see Kevin Gruetert back though, the directiing was really good in this one, and it didn’t have as many spastic cuts and shaking with the camera.

    I especially enjoyed the Jigsaw flashback scenes. I loved him talking with the Health Insurance guy.

  • kiddcapone

    I watched Saw 6 yesterday. Yes it was better than 4 and 5, but these movies need to seriously go away already. They are the guests that won’t leave at this point. I’ve had enough and judging by the box office numbers, so has everyone else. Just stop, please.

    • aphexbr

      I never understand attitudes like this. Is anybody *forcing* you to go and watch the new Saw movie? NO! If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. Stop whining and support a movie you do want to watch. In previous years, you might have had a point as Saw knocked everything away from the Halloween weekend, but this year with quality movies like Paranormal Activity on big screens and Trick ‘r Treat on DVD, this is just empty whining.

      They’ll stop making Saw movies when enough people stop seeing them. Stop being a hypocrite by paying to watch them then complaining when they’re successful enough to make another…

      • kiddcapone

        FYI – They started production on Saw 7 BEFORE Saw 6 was even released into theaters. It has NOTHING to do with being successful. The Saw movies are cheap to make and will always turn a profit, especially being released every Halloween when people will pay to see anything “scary”. That doesn’t mean they should continue to make these until the end of time.

        What pisses me off the most, is I’m sure there’s 100’s of good original scripts gathering dust somewhere and Hollywood instead sinks money into making bullshit sequels like Saw that lack anything redeeming what-so-ever.

  • LifeMi

    While I thought Saw VI was decent, it far from delivered on all counts. I’m not excited about Saw VII, especially with Hackl involved. They either need to end this franchise or bring in real directors and real writers to make a good movie.

  • TheFritz

    Oh, joy!!! More lame ass sequels from a shit franchise, even after making the least of all previous installments to date by less than half! Way to keep beating that dead horse and wasting more money, Hollywood! Honestly, would it be too much to ask for some original fucking content for a goddamn change?!?!