They Must Eat After Christmas

Tommy Brunswick's They Must Eat on DVD this DecemberTwas several nights after Christmas, and all through the place creatures were stirring that will eat your face. Can’t blame them, though – they must eat! In fact, They Must Eat is the name of a creature feature coming to DVD on December 29th. It’s the horrifying tale of what happens when a bungling loser uses a pack of flesh-eating ghouls as his personal instruments of retribution.

Sanford will forever be a socially inept loser. Now approaching the age of forty, his only girlfriend of three years has given him the boot and he’s working a dead end job. Beyond despair, Sanford decides to ask his only living relative, Uncle Alistair, to take him in. Alistair is not very fond of his deadbeat nephew, but with his failing health he needs someone around to carry on his work after he dies. Unfortunately for Sanford, Alistair’s work involves frequent murders to feed an evil clan of flesh-eating ghouls that live in the woods surrounding his house. At first Sanford is terrified by these foul beasties, but he then learns to lead and actually train them after his uncle passes. Now all those who cross him will suffer the wrath of his monstrous minions.

Sounds like a plot straight out of 1970’s horror, sort of like Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and The Pit combined into one. They Must Eat is being served up to us by writer-director Tommy Brunswick, who has another creature feature yet to be unearthed, Born of Earth, which we told you about well over a year ago. I think I last reported on They Must Eat three years ago, so a DVD release has been overdue.

R Squared Films will be feed us the DVD of They Must Eat on December 29th. Included will be director’s commentary, producer’s video blog, cast and crew interviews, and a special effects photo montage.

Uncle Creepy

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