Jurassic Park 4 Talk? Bring on the Dinos!

Jurassic Park 4 Talk? Bring on the Dinos!For better or worse, we love the Jurassic Park films. The first one is an absolute classic, the second one is … well … the second one, and the third is a guilty pleasure monster movie. So as you can imagine, talk of a fourth entry brought a big smile to our faces.

AICN caught up with Joe Johnston, director of Part III (and the new Wolfman redux), and he dropped the following on them:

“There is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with, and it’s nothing like the first three,” Johnston told the site. “It sort of takes the franchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved.”

He added that it likely won’t be another storyline about a group of people struggling to survive a dinosaur attack. “We’ve done that, and it’s been done three times…”

The site commented that they should stay away from an island setting this time. “Why would anybody go back to that island?” Johnston said. “It was hard enough to figure out the second and third reason for them to go, but it would take it off in a whole other trilogy basically, but when it gets to that level it’s sort of about studios and Steven [Spielberg’s] thing and who knows. I think we are at that point where we are due for another one if we are going to do it.”

There are no official plans at Universal yet, but we can hope!

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  • everyonesname

    Jurassic Park 4

  • everyonesname

    “Jurassic Park 4‐Dark Continent” Concept
    Original Idea and artwork ©Morgan O’Brien
    Based upon the ‘Jurassic Park Series’
    by Michael Crichton
    © Universal City Studios and
    Amblin Entertainment INC.
    ‘Jurassic Park 4’ will revive the JP franchise with a bang. The story opens on the African plains. We follow a pride of Lions hunting a herd of Wildebeest. It’s a long, detailed, beautiful series of shots drenched in the gritty reality of surviving the harsh African Outback. The scenes are fast, bloody and exhilarating. National Geographic in HD. As the matriarch closes in for the kill on its unfortunate victim the screen goes silent and we hear an all too familiar clicking noise. Cut to a large sinister Raptor eye in the background.

    Bang! Roll the Opening Titles.

    The premise for ‘Jurassic Park 4‐Dark Continent’ is simple. Dinosaurs from Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna have been secretly ‘acquired’ by a large European and Saudi Arabian conglomerate and transported to a massive nature reserve on the African Continent. The intention being to let life simply ‘find a way’. Given Africa’s diverse landscape the powers that be consider it a more than ideal location. By the time the scientific community find out it’s simply too late. The dinosaurs are scattered over millions of acres of African territory. We begin to witness the wonder and awe of tyrannosaurs hunting elephants, brachiosaurs mingling with giraffes, pachycephalosaurs, gazelle, parasaurolophus, zebra, and gallimimus travelling the plains together. The shots and set pieces are dripping in realism. The viewer soon forgets that what they are watching is in fact artificial. Think of it as ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ on Acid. Africa’s diverse climate and habitats allow the story to interweave between desert, jungles, green fields and waterways. This movie would take current special effects technology to the next level, as JP did in the early 90’s.

    World opinion is divided. Should the animals be culled, repurchased and transported home or let be. What begins as a moral conundrum soon becomes a matter of survival. On relocation the animals were treated with the appropriate antibodies to survive their new climate. However an unforeseen genetic mutation has caused the dinosaurs to become carriers of an extremely devastating virus. Although dormant for the time being, unless immunized the newly introduced specimens will not only infect all animal life but also human life as well. This virus is untreatable in humans and worldwide extinction is imminent if ALL released species are not treated. If they are left long enough to start breeding the ‘catch and treat’ task will become next to impossible.

    Dr. Alan Grant, Dr.Ellie Sattler and Lex Murphy are working on a paeleontogy dig in Northern Africa when the news breaks. Alan and Ellie are coerced into offering their expertise. Lex however is young, energetic and willing to step up to the plate. A group of world leading scientists, palaeontologists and trackers are gathered to lend their expertise and create a plan of action. The technology is developed to ease the task at hand, but at the end of the day these animals especially the smaller predators like the Raptors and Dilophosaurs can only be tracked and captured on foot.

    The movie will be super realistic, gritty and an adrenalin fuelled rollercoaster ride. Is the task impossible? What is to become of Africa? Regardless the course of evolution has been irreversibly altered. If humanity survives what kind of world will be left?

    Jurassic Park 4 in its simplest terms is the film we fans want. Correction. Need! Too many movie franchises become ridiculous and predictable by their third or fourth outing. I don’t want the most pinnacle movie of my childhood destroyed by ‘genetically mutated dinosaur soldiers’. Or abandoned at such a pinnacle time in cinematic history. Michael Crichton the Master passed on. Don’t let the series do so as well. We are about to enter a decade of Comic Book movies. DC and Marvel are in full battle, if there’s any hope that today’s youths can learn to appreciate the beautiful world of dinosaurs it’s important that this movie gets made. It’s now or never. If we leave it too long they will just wait 15 years to re‐imagine and remake the whole concept again. I’m pleading with all the fans. If you like my concept, get behind it. Maybe just maybe we can get JP4 kick‐started. Hollywood is built on the projected flow of ticket and DVD sales. I would watch this movie; I would be standing in line opening weekend. I would buy the merchandise and buy the DVD! Would you? Steven, Amblin, Universal, if this film is created with the respect and due care it deserves we the fans will watch it. If the idea, script and photography are strong enough, non‐fans will love it! Take the risk. Dedicate it to Mr. Crichton. Sign the A‐list actors you need. Bring back Sam, Laura, David and Jeff. Get the cast, crew and fans excited again.

    To the fans: Please Please get behind this idea. Spread the word. I want every JP fan site and Blog to have the image and plot up. I want it featured on every movie blog. I want this idea to reach the people at the top, reach the people who make the decisions and sign the cheques. I can’t do it but WE the movie going public can.

    To the Studio Execs in Universal, Amblin and ILM: Listen to the fans. Take us seriously. We know the material and this is what we want. This movie could be BIG. This movie could make serious money!

    “Jurassic Park 4‐Dark Continent” Concept
    Original Idea and artwork ©Morgan O’Brien
    Based upon the ‘Jurassic Park Series’
    by Michael Crichton
    © Universal City Studios and
    Amblin Entertainment INC.

  • ChaosWeaver

    As long as they don’t pull an Alien:Resurrection and have them bred for the military and have them get loose…

    And whatever happened to Dennis Nedry’s shaving cream bottle? I don’t see why the mud couldn’t have preserved the embryos…

    Whatever way they go (and whenever the get around to going) I’ll be there, regardless.

    Insanity laughs under pressure – Queen & Bowie

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    I’ll see it but I like people trying to escape from dinos. As long as it’s better than the second film, I can be happy. Sorry Buz, but the Lost World is terrible.

  • Cody

    A few JP4 creature designs done by Carlos Huante, I don’t know what these things are…


  • IkeCarr

    I don’t know where you can find the Sayles/Monahan script in its complete glory. But there is a review for it over at Ain’t It Cool News.com, which is quite positive by the way.

  • rjschwarz

    They should have a group of dinos is found in the jungles of Costa Rica, surviving without lysine and a definite threat of expanding and eating people. So the military (or mercs) are sent in to hunt down and capture or destroy the menace.

    Heck that’s what they should have done for two, they hinted at it in the end of the novel but then decided a foolish anti-gun pro-environmental message was what people were crying for.

  • The Buz

    You know I’m in. If it has dinosaurs in it, I’ll watch it.

  • PelusaMG

    I think we need zombie dinos, or maybe a raptor wearing a mask killing a group of teens, who have come to the island to have sex and smoke pot!

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    Meh. If they make it, I’ll watch it.

  • Cash Bailey

    I remember reading about a JP4 script by William Monahan and John Sayles that sounded like utter lunacy.

    Basically, some shadowy company, based out of a spooky castle in the French Alps (natch), genetically engineers a new breed of ‘mini T-Rex’s’ to train them as war machines.

    Of course, things go awry.

    • CMax

      lol. I heard it was Raptors with a tad bit of Dolphin DNA in them (to help them learn and be docile) and they were used as war machines.

      • Cash Bailey

        Whatever it was… I WANT THAT SCRIPT!!!

Steve Barton

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