NYCC: Brief Bouts of Hostel-ity

Hostel Part IIButane just called in with a summary of three exclusive scenes shown at the New York Comic Con from Eli Roth’s upcoming Hostel Part II.

The first consisted of two men jogging and having, you know, your typical conversation pertaining to their potential to kill another person. Being a former New Yorker, I can tell you such conversations are rampant among joggers, particularly the ones wearing feathered boas and sporting “Suck My Ass You Fucking Loser” t-shirts.

The second was more of a skin-shot designed to tantalize the horny in the audience; it showed three almost naked chicks taking some time out and lounging around some hot springs. Considering Butane reported this from what sounded like a bathroom, I was a little disturbed, but hey, in a pinch, ya know?

The third and most satisfying for horror hounds featured some poor female victim hung upside down from a winch. She was adorned with a gag covering most of her face to stifle her whimpering so it is not known whether or not this was one of our chicas from the springs. From there she’s wheeled into a dark candlelit room that’s home to some menacing guys dressed in leather and wielding various implements. One of them begins to extinguish the lights, the screen fades to black, the screaming starts, and then the title screen appears.

Keep it right here for more early impressions and news from the New York Comic Con.

Uncle Creepy

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