NYCC: The Hills Have Impressions

The Hills Have Eyes 2So I just get home from seeing The Number 23 (review) (I will be sure to give you at least 23 reasons why you should avoid this film like a scorching case of herpes when I write the DVD review), and what’s waiting for me? A message from my illustrious cohort Johnny Butane reporting in from the New York Comic Con.

Apparently he and others were turned on to some exclusive footage from the upcoming The Hills Have Eyes 2, and I’m pretty sure he saw more good shit in the few minutes he watched than I did in the entire length of Carrey’s latest numerical misstep.

Curious as to what types of chunky tidbits were on the plate?

“The first thing we saw was a really nasty and disgusting scene of a woman giving birth to a mutant baby, which they were kind enough to turn us on to right after breakfast.” Good thing Johnny passed on his usual early morning cup of applesauce.

“From there we were shown an action montage of mutants doing their thing killing and torturing people. There was lots of freaky shit going on, including one scene in which a rock climber meets a brutal demise of the limb tearing variety. I can officially say that ‘Hills 2’ is looking extremely badass!”

Stay tuned for more impressions along with some nastier details when Butane churns out his New York Comic Con report.

Uncle Creepy

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