As Darkness Falls Premiering on Time Warner Cable

We’ve been waiting for an update on As Darkness Falls, a hybrid television/radio horror anthology series, for some time now, and we recently learned that it will be making its debut on Time Warner Cable in Southern California on Wednesday, November 11th, at 11:30 pm PST.

From the press release:

AS DARKNESS FALLS… is a program very different from the usual fare on television these days with the chills coming from the performances and writing rather than from tricky special effects work. It is hosted by actor Tucker Smallwood, a well-known character actor instantly recognizable to science fiction/fantasy horror fans for his roles on such series as ‘Space: Above and Beyond’, ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and ‘The X-Files’.

Series creator John C. Alsedek first developed the idea for AS DARKNESS FALLS… back in May of this year. “I’ve always loved the anthology show format and lament that it’s largely fallen by the wayside today. But to do a show like ‘The Twilight Zone’ or ‘The Outer Limits’ was just too expensive. Then one day the idea for AS DARKNESS FALLS… came to me – filming the shows as if they were staged radio plays. It’s a very cost-effective way of producing programs, and it has a definite retro charm about it.”

The show is currently slated to run regionally on Time Warner Cable stations in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, but Alsedek is currently working on getting AS DARKNESS FALLS… distributed nationally, with the ultimate goal of getting the show on PBS.

The first episode, ‘An Ungentle Wager’ is a darkly humorous tale involving rival soap opera actresses, a check for four million dollars…and a very sharp axe. It stars Joycelyne Lew and Dawna Lee Heising, longtime friends who previously acted together in John Carpenter’s ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and a variety of television shows during the 1980s. Upcoming episodes include:

  • ‘The Drums Of Tcho Ktlan’, about a swing drummer who steals a forbidden Far East rhythm.
  • ‘De Vermis Manorum’, in which a stranded couple spend the night on a most bizarre plantation.
  • ‘That Which Has A Name’, involving gangsters and a series of tunnels under 1920’s Boston.
  • ‘Testament’, about explorers who colonize a world that’s not so deserted as they’d hoped.
  • ‘The Walls Between Us’, an intimate little tale of revenge served up cold as a tomb.
  • ‘Ebb Tide’, the story of a dying guitar legend who challenges Satan for the soul of his lost love.
  • In related news, it was also announced that singer/actress Dana M. Hayes will be starring in the December episode of AS DARKNESS FALLS…, entitled ‘Madeline’s Veil’. In it, Ms. Hayes plays a mourning torch singer with a horrifying secret.

    For a taste of what’s in store for Time Warner viewers, check out the photos and teaser trailer below. For more information about As Darkness Falls, visit its official site or YouTube channel, where “The Walls Between Us” and “An Ungentle Wager” are both available for viewing. And of course you can also find more in all the now mandatory places like Facebook and MySpace and Twitter.

    As Darkness Falls Heading to Time Warner Cable
    As Darkness Falls Heading to Time Warner Cable
    As Darkness Falls Heading to Time Warner Cable

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