Blood Sucking Junkies

House of Pain (click to see it bigger)Since you’ve all been good ghouls today, I’ve decided to treat you to a surprise. I can sense the anticipation building. What could it be?

Renegade Films has added a new film, Night Junkies, to their arsenal of horror flicks, and it had me asking the question: How long has it been since a good or even decent vampire film?

The story of Night Junkies keeps it simple. Man wanders streets of London. Man gets turned into a vampire. Man turns call girl into a vampire and they try to lead a life together, but not before kicking some ass and biting some necks.

Ready for your surprise? Quick, look around! Is there no one in view of your monitor? Good. Click here and I have no doubt you fiends will be smiling for the rest of the day. Stripper vampires, tons of violence and that certain British charm look to be adding up to a good bloodsucking film. No one is wearing lots of white make-up or frilly outfits; we’re back to good old manly vampires and sexy vampire women. No Anne-Riceness here.

Kryten Syxx

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