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Ghost Girl Captured on Video in Nightclub in The Gasp Menagerie



The Gasp Menagerie

Courtesy of reader Charles Jorge, this one comes from SFGate.  It features video capture by a security camera at The Chapel, a club in San Francisco that was originally a mortuary.  Built in 1914, the building apparently has quite a history, but is this evidence of a haunting?

In the video below, we see the janitor locking up for the night.  Immediately after, we see the very clear image of a little girl in a dress dart out, look at the just-locked door, and dart back.

This video falls just where I like them.  This is either clear evidence or a hoax.  There’s just no way to misinterpret what is seen.  Despite the low quality of the video, you can clearly see it’s a girl, make out the style of her dress, see every detail of her.  So that’s either a real girl (in which case the venue knows it isn’t a ghost and is engaging in a hoax) or it’s not…which means it’s something rather difficult to explain by conventional logic.

What do you think?  Is a playful spirit running around this repurposed mortuary?  Or is a small girl caught on film, her presence unreported or intentionally misrepresented?

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