Develope a Taste for Necrophobia

Uncle Creepy?!The last time I was at a haunted house, there was a mishap. A homeless man snuck into the attraction and was doing the most horrifying thing: begging for money! My god! The horror!!!

Don’t think it could get any worse than that? The smell of the beggar, the toothless smile, and the gut-wrenching feeling you got because you have $100 in your pocket but you know some Xbox 360 games are coming out soon and those are far more important than his starvation. Oh, it can get much worse! Thanks to Fangoria we can now get a look at what would happen if a haunted house went wrong … way wrong.

Fango got a nice surprise in the form of a trailer for the upcoming flick Necrophobia. From the look of the trailer it has all the right ingredients from hot chicks all the way up to zombies and a psycho with a cool instrument of death. Be careful, though, as the trailer may not be considered safe for work, but then who pays attention to those rules?

While the trailer loads, check out the film’s official site and their MySpace page.

Kryten Syxx

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