Promo Trailer and Still from Scarecrow

There’s a new Scarecrow in town, and he’s heading to AFM courtesy of Terrestrial Pictures. Written and directed by Joseph Bat, this iteration of the scarecrow legend is inspired by the power of myth and classic creature feature horror.

Much of the film’s storyline is not being revealed at this time, but we do know it revolves around an evil scarecrow coming to life and terrorizing a small town whose fate lies in the hands of a group of adolescents. To its credit, the film is aimed toward mature audiences.

The mythos of Bat’s Scarecrow is based on the following: If a scarecrow falls off its cross on All Hallow’s Eve and touches the ground, it can be possessed by a spirit. Embodied in the scarecrow’s primitive human shape, the resurrected spirit can then proceed to settle scores left unresolved before death.

The filmmakers provided us with a promotional trailer that plays more like an extended clip (it’s a good six minutes long) and the still you see below. Check out the official Scarecrow website, and keep it here for all the latest news from AFM, which runs November 4-11 in Santa Monica, California.

Scarecrow Heading to AFM

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • marriedwithzombies

    Its a promo. Things like the music from Hellraiser wont be in the final film. Right on the website faq it says they did this to show the production value which is already 150 times better than most indie crap films. And I don’t blame them for holding back on showing the kills. Trailers show way too much. No point in seeing the film nowadays when these trailers show you everything. And horror isn’t just about the kills either. Its about the mood too. Ill be there day one for this film.

  • hegemon13

    Okay, there was certainly some beautiful cinematography on display, but if this movie is half as self-indulgent as the trailer, it’s going to be a boring mess. Even within the movie, this scene ran at least twice as long as it needed to. But for a trailer, it was downright ridiculous. No, we don’t need quick-cut Michael Bay editing, but there is a happy medium. At half the length, the moments walking through the field and approaching the scarecrow would have built atmosphere. At this length, it just became tedious.

    And what’s with ripping the Hellraiser 2 theme, anyway? It kept me from really becoming involved in the trailer. I just kept thinking, “This sounded a lot cooler when it was playing against the backdrop of Leviathan’s lair.”

  • Gus Bjork

    It’s certainly beautifully filmed.

  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Little kids just aren’t scared by living scarecrows like they used to be back in the good old days. I would have been out of that field like a shot.

    Is the music in that trailer a temp. track, because it sounds awfully familiar to me? It’s driving me mad trying to figure out where it’s originally from. I’m thinking it’s from ‘Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country’ for some peculiar reason.

    • Jonathan79

      the trailer music is the same music from hellraiser 2

      • Shambling_in_Bandages

        So it is! Thank you very much. 🙂

  • marriedwithzombies

    It does somewhat, but I think it looks freaking cool.

  • Pestilence

    Am I the only one who thinks the Scarecrow looks a bit like a scarecrow version of Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean?

    • AriesofPitt

      LOL…..That’s exactly what I thought the first shot of him after it got dark. Even looked like tentacles for a brief second. Now, perhaps this little girl doesn’t catch much horror, but um, If the sky gets dark and a storm starts to brew, get out of the cornfield. BUT, if that is not warning enough, when a scarecrow falls off it’s perch, and starts to stand up, NOW it is absolutely time to RUN. Run, Run fast, do not turn around just keep running. Ok, but if you’re going to stand there while the scarecrow rises, at least ask it a question. I don’t know, something like, “Are you a giant”? might work.

      • Gus Bjork

        Yeah, I think if you look at this as a regular trailer there’s a bajillion things that can be quibbled with (why is it obviously a guy in a scarecrow costume hanging there? Is it supposed to be a human in the movie reality that is dressed as a scarecrow and secured to the cross? If it’s a scarecrow that comes to life why does it stand on a platform? Why not just have a scarecrow and then switch to guy in costume after it falls?)

        But I think the whole point of the clip was to secure finacing and give the look and tone wasn’t it? It’s not actually a scene from the movie. With that consideration I think it works really well.