Another Grizzly Bear out for Grisly Revenge

Another Grizzly out for RevengeThere has been a brief uptick in killer bear flicks the last two years, and not all for the best. Now comes a new one simply titled Bear that, judging by its trailer, takes the T-Rex/jeep scene from Jurassic Park, ages the occupants in peril about 15 years, replaces the T-Rex with a very angry grizzly with vengeance on its mind, and builds an entire movie around it.

“Two young couples are driving through a remote forest when their car breaks down. When a run-in with a curious grizzly bear ends up with the bear being shot to death, the bear’s mate arrives on the scene and vengefully attacks their van. The couples are trapped inside the disabled car and must come up with clever ways to survive. As they battle the surprisingly intelligent creature and contemplate their uncertain fate, secrets begin to emerge that threaten to tear the group apart before the bear does.”

The bear wrangling comes to us courtesy of Roel Reine (director of WWE Studio’s The Marine 2, coming to DVD in December) from a script by Ethan Wiley, co-writer of the 1986 cult favorite House and writer-director of its sequel House 2: The Second Story. The hairy thriller stars relative newcomers Katie Lowes, Patrick Scott Lewis, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, and Brendan Michael Coughlin. How Miss Lowes got cast with only a two-word name is beyond me.

Bear is one of the many new movies being touted at the American Film Market kicking off in the coming week. With any luck this Epic Pictures production will be scaring up screens by the time the bears come out of hibernation next year.

The Foywonder

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  • ChaosWeaver

    This sounds an awful lot like Prey with Peter “RoboCop” Weller…

    Still this sounds like it could be neat…

  • The Unknown Murderer

    Retribution? Honor?

    I smell Bear caca…

  • DeTuinman

    Real old school…every time the bear roars they use the same goddang lion roar sample…

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

  • DavidFullam

    When are the going to remake “Prophecy?”

    • ChaosWeaver

      That would be extremely badass if Christopher Walken comes back for it!!

      Insanity laughs under pressure – Queen & Bowie

      • DavidFullam

        Actually I meant the 1979 killer, mutant bear film.

        • ChaosWeaver

          Lol oops, sorry for the mix-up. Still it should have Walken in it…

          Insanity laughs under pressure – Queen & Bowie

          • DavidFullam

            Walken in the Robert Foxworth role would be great. I really am surprised they haven’t done it yet, even as a direct to SyFy film.