Hellraiser Remake Coming at You in 3D

Hellraiser Remake Coming at You in 3DDespite the company ailing a bit, The Weinstein Co. is still busy readying projects for release next year. Among them are lots of hot horror properties including Scream 4 and remakes of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Scanners, and An American Werewolf in London. Yes, we’ve reported on all these before so why bring them up again? Well, it came to light today that the Hellraiser remake will be coming at us in 3D. That’s why!

The news came buried in the last paragraph of a completely unrelated story on Variety about the damned Short Circuit remake of all things. Many directors have circled the project, but none has officially signed on. Will this new dimension nab someone cool? We shall see.

Who knows? Maybe the Cenobites’ proposed “such sights to show [us]” can be a bit more visceral as they’re flying off the screen. Stay tuned!

Uncle Creepy

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  • PelusaMG

    “What’s your pleasure Mr Cotton?”

    “Well, I’ll have a 3D camera for starters, and oh, how about a nice glitter ball and some screaming teens to go with that?”

  • jkincer

    You know if you are going to take a dump on a classic movie by remaking it, why not go ahead make it as cheesy as possible? Let’s make it PG-13 and have the Centobites glitter in the moonlight? Or better yet, why not have it star Miley Cyrus and have Pinhead’s voice come through an auto-tuner? Why not pile every current fade on this shit sandwich will we’re at it?

  • TheFritz

    It doesn’t surprise me that they’re going the 3D route. Hell, the Weinstein’s are probably so desperate for another hit I’d expect the next newsflash to be that with the purchase of each ticket audience members will get an hour with the hooker of their choosing.

    It also comes as no surprise that their entire line-up consists of remakes, considering no self respecting artist will work for those two shysters, given their track record for screwing creative types over for a buck.

  • LifeMi

    This makes no sense. I can understand applying 3D to something like Friday the 13th, since it’s all about entertainment value with those films; you can get away with it there. But Hellraiser and Hellbound were all about atmosphere and weirdness. (Let’s just pretend 3-8 don’t exist please). It doesn’t fit the franchise. Same reason I’m against Halloween 3-D. Both franchises might be in the SHITTER, but it’ll take a lot more than sharp objects coming out of the screen to make them respectable again.

  • Masked Slasher

    I can’t think of many 3D films that are really that great outside of their gimmick.

    SO while it may make for a fun theatrical experience, I’m not sure this is a great fit for something as moody and unsettling as Hellraiser.