Mick Foley Would Argue Al Snow Has No Legacy

I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that The Wrestler was a pack of lies. Judging by the number of low budget horror movies starring pro wrestlers past their prime instead of being washed up and struggling to make ends meet, Randy the Ram would have been starring in a movie like The Legacy in place of Al Snow. From playing a crazy wrestler that came to the ring with a severed head to playing a crazy killer more likely to sever heads. A natural progression, I think.

I’ll just let the synopsis on the official The Legacy website fill you in.

A campy tongue-in-cheek slasher film created as tribute to our favorite B slasher films of the past… Brought to you by the award winning film company “Feathered Italian Films”, The Legacy is one hell of a ride.

The film follows a group of young people on their camping vacation… Without warning their numbers start to fall as they are viciously hunted down by an unknown psycho… Are the legends true? Does the “Reaper” exist, or is the murderer much closer than they think?

Check out The Legacy featuring stars such as hardcore wrestling legend Al Snow, female wrestling superstar Sojo “Josie” Bolt, Women’s Extreme tag team champions “Rockstar” Roni Jonah and Bobcat, Jim O’Rear (The Deepening), Daniel Emery Taylor (Return of The Swamp Thing), and five-time MMA cage fighting champion Dale Miller. Not to mention Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising), TJ Moreschi (Bottle Rockets), Nathan Day (Stash), and Kate Stanley (Hell-Ephone) Plus many many more!

The teaser trailer for The Legacy can be viewed below. I can tell you from watching it I have no earthly clue what the hell the movie is about aside from a group of people getting murdered by another group of people.

The Foywonder

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  • Rorschach

    Shouldn’t THIS be the movie starring Ted DiBiase Jr?

    *I’ll let myself out*

    • TheFritz

      Now THAT Id’ watch!!!

  • TheFritz

    Wait, how is Feathered Italian Films an “award winning company” when this is their first film? Maybe they were a kennel club before they became a production company? Or are they counting spelling bee awards the staff garnished in grade school? Hmm, something doesn’t seem right with that plug.

    • The Woman In Black

      Apparently this is how (LOL):

      Best Editing: Louisville 48 Hour Film Contest (For DTA)

      $1,000 winner for “Swiffer Break Up” contest.

      Second place for “Five Finger Death Punch’s” movie trailer contest.

      Second place winners in “Hinder & Universal Republic Records” create a video contest.

      • TheFritz

        Ahh, I see. In my expedience to poke fun the newest “wrestler-as-actor-vehicle” I missed the Awards link.

        Oh well, if they can make a decent flick in 2 days maybe there’s hope they can coax a better performance from Al than Vince ever could.