Director’s Cut of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II Ready to Go

Allow me to bust out the old adage “you can’t polish a turd”. Or can you? You could add six hours of footage to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, and it would still be 2009’s most unwatchable movie, but hey, that’s just my opinion. And yes, I say this as a man who endured the Syfy remake of Children of the Corn this weekend.

Today Zombie announced on his Twitter page that his director’s cut is done, stating it will be ”very different than the theatrical version.”


In a previous interview with Icons of Fright, Rob talked about how the director’s cut focused on a very “fucked up” Laurie. More than what we got? Wow, where do I sign up? I tell ya, I did a double feature of the original Halloween and Halloween II this weekend, and it was a fantastic palate cleanser. I’m in no rush to jump back into the Zombie pool anytime soon. Are you?


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