Director’s Cut of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II Ready to Go

Allow me to bust out the old adage “you can’t polish a turd”. Or can you? You could add six hours of footage to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, and it would still be 2009’s most unwatchable movie, but hey, that’s just my opinion. And yes, I say this as a man who endured the Syfy remake of Children of the Corn this weekend.

Today Zombie announced on his Twitter page that his director’s cut is done, stating it will be ”very different than the theatrical version.”


In a previous interview with Icons of Fright, Rob talked about how the director’s cut focused on a very “fucked up” Laurie. More than what we got? Wow, where do I sign up? I tell ya, I did a double feature of the original Halloween and Halloween II this weekend, and it was a fantastic palate cleanser. I’m in no rush to jump back into the Zombie pool anytime soon. Are you?


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Matt Serafini

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  • Count Zartro

    This movie was pure crap.

    I liked House and Devils, but his Halloween work has sucked.

    Seriously, looks at Zombie’s H2, but think of it in terms of a Halloween sequel, in relation to other Halloween films.

    People say Zombie gets too much hate, I think he gets too much of a pass on this one, it was really bad.

    Anybody else but RZ puts this out and they get a half knife review at best.

  • PelusaMG

    I thought “H2” was okay – not as bad as people made/make it out to be (despite it’s obvious flaws) – I just hope that the DVD has the theatrical version on it too, as that’s the cut I want to see again…

  • DavidFullam

    Pointless Rob Zombie hate on DC. How totally original.

    • Masked Slasher

      Far from pointless, David.

      Thing is, I’m a fan of Rob’s work in music and I really like his first two movies.

      But, with Halloween and H2, I’m starting to realize how limited he is in terms of being a storyteller. It’s like he can only work within one very limited set of confines and that really bummed me out as a fan.

      I really feel as though he failed miserably with the Halloween films, but I’ll be curious if he ever tries to challenge himself as a filmmaker and step away from the white trash wonderland he feels so comfortable with.

  • Permafrost

    I am looking forward to this “director’s cut”.

    I can see why people generally loathe Zombie’s stuff, but I had a great time with this movie and will give this my attention.

  • BigMatt

    I did the same thing! After sitting through RZ’s Halloween 2, the next day I watched the original H2 to block RZ’s from my memory.
    Besides my first viewing ever, when I was 10, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed H2 as much as I did that night.
    BTW, I loved RZ’s first remake, but his H2? Pure garbage, maybe as bad as I have ever seen, a complete black eye to the series.

  • Cash Bailey

    Right now, somewhere the Zomwonder is doing a slam-dance of joy at this news.

  • TheFritz

    First RZ ‘claims’ he won’t do the sequel, then he does one before the dust settles from the first abomination (Voted the worst horror movie of all time by Moviefone, no less). Then, after his sequel redefines “tanks at the box-office”, he re-edits it with the hopes of attracting the three coma patients that didn’t hear how bad H2 sucked in the first place.

    Is this what we have to look forward to from now on? When shitty movies don’t make money we get shittier re-edits in desperate attempts to make some money, ANY MONEY, to justify the bloated budgets and egos of the hacks that made them in the first place? I hope not!

    But considering I won’t put a dime into that septic tank explosion of an abortion of cinema anyway, I guess I shouldn’t care so much. Oh wait, I care because John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN is one of the greatest horror films of all time and RZ basically ass-raped it, prison-style.

    I think between Zombie and George Lucas every corner of my childhood has been covered in human excrement by now. Way to go, douche-bag!

  • Cash Bailey

    Will wee see an extra thirty minutes of Laurie spray-painting Sherrif Brackett’s house and smearing mud on his bathroom walls?

  • theGoldenSimatar

    I enjoyed Halloween 2 and basing off from the Halloween Director’s Cut (which was certainly superior to the theatrical), hoping for the same here.