Swamp Thing Makes Akiva Goldsman’s Heart Sing

Swamp Thing Makes Akiva Goldsman's Heart SingAkiva Goldsman is a name almost universally reviled amongst the online movie geek community. Inside Hollywood, the Oscar-winning screenwriter is one of the most respected and sought after. Will the screenwriter of Lost in Space, Batman & Robin, I Am Legend, and I, Robot find redemption amongst the hardcore fanbase with his work in bringing Swamp Thing back to the big screen?

The LA Times has a big article up on Akiva Goldsman and his involvement in a number of comic book movie projects, such as Johah Hex and Lobo. But for horror fans, his comments about the impending reboot of Swamp Thing is what you might be most interested in. Here’s what Goldsman had to say about the direction of the project:

“We want a film with real Southern, dark horror overtones, a little bit like a classic Universal horror film,” Goldsman said, knowing full well that his presence on the project will stir controversy — it’s a character that filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has called one of the “few remaining Holy Grails” in comics.

The idea is for this Swamp Thing to be closer in tone more along the lines of Alan Moore’s metaphysical horror take on the comic property than the b-movie zeal of the previous movies and TV show.

Will mainstream movie audiences accept a more serious man made of marsh muck movie? Will Alan Moore hear about this and curse Hollywood for dragging his name into discussions of another big screen movie he will hate sight unseen? Stay tuned!

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