Twilight Saga: New Moon Offering FREE Clip on iTunes

This is the first we’ve ever heard of something like this … a 100% free clip from a yet-to-be-released film being offered for download on iTunes. But, of course, when said movie is The Twilight Saga: New Moon, nothing comes as a surprise anymore!

The news comes courtesy of MTV, who provided the following info:

Tomorrow, October 20, fans will be able to download a real, actual clip from New Moon, which hits theaters on November 20. Which scene we’re getting isn’t specified, but the clip will include an introduction from Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner. There’s no mention of whether or not he’ll be shirtless, but you ladies are free to hold your breath on that one.

The exciting news is that this clip is 100% FREE. Just make your way to the iTunes Store and queue it up to download. You can get to iTunes’ direct “Twilight portal” at, where you’ll also find the newly released New Moon soundtrack, Twilight (the movie) as a digital download, and more. The clip will arrive tomorrow morning “when the iTunes Store typically turns over,” according to Apple publicity, so just keep checking until the goods are live.

Who do think will be the focus of the clip? Bella and Jacob? The Volturi? Edward in Italy? Let us know below, and while you wait, why not watch the trailer one more time?

By Debi Moore

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  • Bethany Strickland

    I just don’t understand the obsession with vampires. My daughter says that the attraction to Twilight is more about the love story than the blood sucking. Oh well, we will see it all end soon when something else comes out to captivate the world.

  • Spaceshark

    I’ve been doing the “just ignore/make fun of it” thing for a good long while now but seriously, this whole Twilight thing has just got to fucking stop already.

  • Cash Bailey

    I offer the wind from my ass to this clip.

    My farts have more creative weight than anything in this worthless bitch of a franchise.