Prototype Power Glove Massacre Shockingly Nintendo-less!

Prototype Power Glove Massacre Shockingly Nintendo-less!The premise of the new sci-fi thriller Prototype reminds me very much of a mostly forgotten film from 1989, Deadly Weapon, about an emotionally disturbed teen that gets hold of a military laser gun, which itself was a pseudo-remake of 1978’s Laserblast, a cult fave about a troubled teen that gets his hand on an alien laser cannon. This time the high-tech tools of vengeance are telekinetic power gloves, and you better believe the revenge-minded wearer – now he’s playing with power!

Prototype was co-written and directed by Michael Reilly and stars Mark Kelly, Michael Tylo, Steve Zissis (Baghead), and Joe Cabitat. Worldwide Film Entertainment is currently looking for distribution and no doubt will be shopping this low budget high-tech thriller about a teen who can bitch slap you to death from thirty feet away at next month’s American Film Market.

“Geeky high-schooler Alex Mackendrick, dissed by his girlfriend, boss, and stepfather, is suddenly empowered when he steals a pair of telekinetic gloves from his only friend, an experimental scientist. The God-fearing teen spins over the edge when the scientist is accidentally killed during a scuffle over the purloined gloves. Convinced that his life is over, Alex goes on a resentment-filled revenge spree, using his newly acquired kinetic powers to pay back those who have done him wrong.”

Have a look at the trailer for Prototype. While I’ll be the first to admit that the trailer has its shortcomings, I still like the idea of a teen going Columbine with blinged-out skater gloves enough to want to see the film.

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  • unstoppable

    I remember Deadly Weapon. It starred Rodney Eastman from Nightmare on Elm St 3, or 4. Good movie.

  • Uncle Creepy

    I love how the cover art makes you think it’s based upon the 360 game when in fact all we’re getting is an ugly young Seinfeld with social issues.

    • MagusMaleficus

      Dude, I thought the same thing. I saw it and thought, Hey, Alex Mercer, sweet! Then I read the plot synopsis…

      • Nomad

        Ditto on that. Hope they sue them like crazy. Weren’t they planning a real prototype movie?