Who’s Behind Saw IV?

Bousman, with Sean Clark @ last year's San Diego Comic Con.So who will be the director of Saw IV, which as we reported here gets rolling on April 16th? Why it’s none other than Darren Lynn Bousman, back again for this third outing with the series, per the fiends at Fango!

Despite the recent news that Bousman would be next tackling a horror musical (read about it here), apparently the tempting nature of returning to Saw territory one more time was too much to pass up.

Bousman will be helming from a script by … well we don’t know whose they’ve chosen yet, but we do know that James Wan and Leigh Whannell will be executive producing, with Whannell promising they will be “still treating it like our baby; we’ll still oversee it. I’ve definitely been privy to the ideas they’ve had and the scripts they’ve been writing, and it’s coming along well. I’m actually excited.”

Keep it here for more enough Saw IV news to choke a horse between now and its October release date!

Johnny Butane

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