Saw VII 3D Process Examined

Yep. Even though Saw VI is just days away, we’re already talking about Saw VII. Hard to believe but true nonetheless. At the Saw VI press conference today (look for a full report soon), producer Mark Berg spoke a bit about how they’re handling the 3D process for the next entry in Jigsaw’s long list of games.

Saw, just by the way it’s shot, lends itself to being a 3D movie,” producer Mark Berg tells IGN. “We saw a test that somebody did, a minute of Saw transferred from 2D to 3D, and it looked great. We’re not going to transfer VII, but we’ll actually shoot it in 3D. We want to be able to build the sets in a way that takes advantage of depth. We’re going to design traps to come out at you. The pendulum trap that opened the last movie would have been great in 3D. There’s a lot of the movie we’re planning through the victims’ eyes, seeing stuff as it comes toward them. But I think the audience wants those moments where the weapon comes into the audience.”

Interesting. What do you guys think? Ready for another Saw shot in 3D? Or do you think Jigsaw is finally ready to be put to rest? He did die like three friggin’ movies ago.

See Saw VII in Three Dimensions!


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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • johntim03

    Great post man.Thanks for sharing the info Saw VII in 3D will be much enjoyable to watch.

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  • PelusaMG

    The use of 3D (IMO) should not be a gimmick, but should add to the sensory experience of watching the film. I do not need to see traps and stuff flying at me; that’s 3D as a gimmick. Kinda reminds me of the end scene in Jaws 3 when the exploding shark is flying at the screen. That’s the worst use of 3D, and Berg’s comments suggest he might have that (worrying) approach in mind… At least we’ve been saved from a 3D autopsy (Saw IV).

  • krawlingkhaos

    This whole mess should have ended after the third movie.

    • Tristan Sinns

      Or the first one.

    • Grendal

      I agree! The first film is going to be remembered for years to come as one of the most original and exciting horror movies of OUR time. But, that’s where they dropped the ball…instead of quitting while they were ahead, they decided to force these movies down our throat! Do they think that by making 6 sequels, THAT automatically makes Jigsaw a horror icon? Seriously…..???? I’m sorry, but Freddy, Michael, and Jason were all made legends by the fans! NOT by cramming sequels down our throat!!! WE were the reason those sequels were made. I guess since no one else has been CREATIVE enough these days to come up with a character that would impress us…they feel the need to MAKE us love them…..sad….sad…sad attempt….

      • krawlingkhaos

        I understand your anger and frustration, but…really? I hate to say it, but the reason there are six sequels to Saw is the same reason that there are 8 Halloweens (10 if you count Rob’s), 10 Fridays and 8 Nightmare on Elm Streets (or 11 and/or 9 depending on how FvJ gets worked in). It happens because they make money and people continue to see them, and honestly, its the same demographic it was in the 80’s, we just don’t belong to it anymore. Do you think people who grew up on the Classic Universal Monsters and Hitchcock had anything different to say about Friday the 13th Part 5 then than we do about Saw VI now?
        As for the three icons, while they are certainly legends, a lot of their movies are not. When the Fridays and Nightmares and Halloweens put out their multitude of sequels, they got just as much crap from people who wanted new, original horror. As much talk as there is, I seriously don’t think the landscape has changed that much; Saw VI is the same as Nightmare 2, Halloween 2, or Friday 5: a studio cash vacuum banking on a mass audience. The only real difference I can see is that of the trifecta of Michael, Jason, and Freddy, some of those sequels actually turned out to be entertaining, and there is no hope of the Saw franchise pulling itself out of its own hole at this point. I agree that despite the hate it collects now Saw one was quite a film (I would go so far as to include 2 and 3 and make it a trilogy, IMWO) and hopefully people will forget that Saw IV-infinity exist. I doubt it though; I’m still scraping the scum of Halloween Resurrection from my soul.