Restricted Atomic

If there’s one thing that’s always frustrated me about working with studios who want to promote their new horror films, it’s their lack of understanding that horror fans want to see the extreme, nasty, R-rated stuff. That’s what gets us feeling good about laying down our $10 for you flick.

Fox Atomic understands, though, and to prove it they’ve just opened a brand-new section of their site that’s for restricted stuff only. The material there has been judged by those up on high (read: the MPAA) to be unsuitable for those under the age of 18. If only they knew the kind of stuff I saw before that age…

Three brand-new short films that were inspired by The Hills Have Eyes 2 and some of the more brutal entries in their ongoing Nightmare Factory contest are up now, with many more bits of offensive material planned to warp young minds. Well, young minds over 18, that is. Get your finger clicking right here to check out Fox Atomic’s new restricted section!

Johnny Butane

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