Motion Picture Purgatory: Inferno of Torture

This week Trembles again takes us back in time … to 1969 and Tesuo Ishii’s Inferno of Torture.

Here’s a synopsis courtesy of Amazon: When a movie opens with a scene of a crucified woman being speared through the vagina, sending a geyser of blood shooting into the spearman’s face, and that’s followed by a scene of a screaming woman buried up to her neck in the dirt getting her head cut off by two guys with a crosscut saw, it’s a pretty safe bet that the movie is by Tokyo’s Emperor of Extremism, Tesuo Ishii (Shogun’s Joy of Torture, Oxen Split Torturing, Yakuza’s Law). This time out the Master of Mayhem gives us a hellish whorehouse of tattooed tarts (complete with cool black light body art) and an absolutely amazing ending where a woman is tied upside down between two bent saplings and the ropes are cut simultaneously, causing her to be split in half down the middle while flying up into the air!

“The powers ‘tat’ be!”

Rick Trembles' Inferno of Torture review!

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