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Is this the new mummy?!While I’m really not too sure why everyone’s so excited about a new Mummy film, myself included, as a news editor it is my job to give you guys what you want. So here we go.

IGN has scored a lot of new info about the new movie, which has alternated between being called The Mummy 3 (crafty) and Mummy: Curse of the Dragon (clunky). The O’Connells’ son, Alex, whom we last saw as a precocious 10-year-old, will be the focal point of the film rather than Rick and Evy, as with past films, which means a dashingly handsome young man will be needed for the role. I’m just waiting for the call…

Director Rob Cohen recently attended a screening of his Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and during a Q&A that followed confirmed that Jet Li (!) will be playing the mummy this time out, the film’s setting having shifted to China. Now that is the most interesting tidbit I’ve heard about the movie yet; definitely a reason to keep it on our radar.

Check out the rest of the news right here, which gets into more detail on what scene said dashingly handsome young actors are reading for the role. The third Mummy film is due out July 11th, 2008!

Johnny Butane

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