Marvel Scaring Up a Venom Solo Movie

Marvel Scaring Up a Venom Solo MovieVariety reported today that Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit) is following up his rewrite of Spider-Man 4 with writing-directing duties on a solo spin-off movie based on the Marvel villain Venom that got shoehorned quite awkwardly into Spider-Man 3. I ask this in all honesty: Does anyone care about a Venom movie?

Columbia still owns the rights to Venom despite the multi-billion dollar Disney acquisition of Marvel and has been trying to get a Venon solo movie off the ground for a while now; most recently Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick took a crack at the script. Marvel Entertainment, Avi Arad, and Gary Ross will produce the spin-off film with Ross writing and directing. It remains to be seen if Topher Grace will be reprising the role of the symbiotic alien black Spidey suit villain he originated in Spider-Man 3. It’s believed that this Venom movie will start from scratch with the character.

Again I ask: does anyone really care about a Venom movie? It seems to me Spider-Man 3 did more to devalue the character than make people clamor for more.


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  • Kindahuge

    I don’t think they’re doing this because they feel Spiderman 3 made people want more Venom… I think they’re probably looking to do the character justice. He’s not the most original, but he’s a HUGE fan favorite. That was always the case when I was a kid, anyway. If they do it right I’d see it.

  • IkeCarr

    Now all we need is a Spider-Man flick featuring Ben Rielley.

    Also, I remember when New Line had the rights to a VENOM film. David Goyer ,shortly before BLADE revived the comic book movie genre from the grave BATMAN&ROBIN, SPAWN, and STEEL nearly buried it in for good. Had written a solo VENOM flick. Anyone have an idear what the man had planned for it ?

  • Avid Fan

    I don’t care about Venom, He was an interesting concept when the black suite was introduced to the Secret Wars, and then was contained by the Fantastic Four and then became a menace, but I thing Venom was over hyped and over marketed, seeing what he could do, there is no reason for Peter Parker to be alive. So a Venom movie would just be annoying, especially considering he’s a “villain”.

  • krawlingkhaos

    To answer your question: yes, I care about a venom movie if they do it right; no, not if Topher Grace is involved.

    • thedarkestshadow

      I agree with your topher grace comment. I don’t really care about Venom one way or another but if they do it right and keep him out, it could be a good movie.

      • krawlingkhaos

        The big problem I see is that as long as you go down the Venom road you eventually run into Carnage, and if everyone thought Venom was watered down in Spiderman 3, can anyone even conceive of Carnage in a PG-13 movie? I can’t.

        • AriesofPitt

          Yeah that would suck.If they ever made a VENOW movie it just wouldn’t be graphic enough for me. And they could never deliver trying to incorporate CARNAGE!! I’d want to see CARNAGE ripping guts out!! All I can say is….remember SPAWN. I was so disappointed. Even in the R-Rated directors cut. I’d like to see a hard-core kick ass solid R Spawn movie. There was an improvement from the PG-13 AVP to the R rated AVP:Requiem so who knows.